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For example, in today's homogenized market, what can our own brand gain market advantages? Now it's just what industry, especially the building materials industry, so service is the top priority to obtain the market. Whether it's pre-sales or after-sales, it's the embodiment of a brand. Xiaobian is more optimistic about the after-sales service of businesses

after sales service of doors and windows is very important.

door and window enterprises often boast in order to impress consumers in the sales process. Once consumers buy door and window products, they ignore after-sales service. The obvious gap between the promised services and the specific implementation of home shopping malls is difficult to accept. Consumers decide to buy their products out of recognition of the enterprise brand. If the enterprise fails to fulfill its previous commitments in the after-sales link, it is tantamount to slapping its face. If door and window enterprises want to improve their brand competitiveness, they should start from improving after-sales service

only by improving the after-sales service system can we win the market.

in order to truly develop and expand the door and window enterprises, it is not enough for enterprises to simply develop skills and innovate products. Only when enterprises begin to pay attention to after-sales service issues, improve the after-sales service system of products, and let consumers feel at ease, can they really win the market. Therefore, establishing a perfect after-sales service system to ensure that every customer can enjoy good after-sales service and that every sold door and window can have a perfect after-sales guarantee on the basis of quality assurance is the key to the sustainable development of door and window enterprises

at the same time, the industry also reminds those consumers who are interested in or have purchased household building materials products that in order to ensure perfect after-sales service, consumers should choose brand stores to experience products in person, and try to avoid shopping products in street stores and online stores; Try to avoid "smuggling orders" with the store merchants in private, and do not sign the store contract. Once the merchants default, the after-sales service is not guaranteed at all


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