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The high quality of the aluminum alloy profiles of the doors and windows of Asiatic materials Africa Ramulus lateritis door and window is inherited by Asiatic materials. Moreover, the superb wood grain transfer technology makes the texture of Africa Ramulus lateritis more clear and delicate, the gloss more soft and natural, and the texture more thick and true

Asiatic Africa Ramulus aluminum alloy swing door inherits the high quality of Asiatic door and window aluminum alloy profiles, and superb wood grain transfer technology makes the texture of African Ramulus more clear and delicate, the gloss more soft and natural, and the texture more thick and true

appearance characteristics:

1. Texture

the ring pattern is straight wire, the mane eye is relatively large, and the color is similar to jujube red. Its wood is hard and delicate. The most obvious difference between it and other wood is that its grain is often mixed with dark brown or black stripes in dark red, giving people an antique feeling

2. Color

sub material doors and windows African red acid branch aluminum profile is flat and lubricated, with durable luster, giving people a kind of honest and implicit beauty. There are no cracks, bubbles, scratches, burrs and other uneven places, and the color is exactly the same as that of natural African red acid twigs, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye

3. Texture

the multi surface treatment process of sub material doors and windows is forged layer by layer, with flat surface, fine sand, high color saturation, lifelike patterns, and natural transition of shade, showing a rich 3D three-dimensional effect, which is compatible with the metal modernity of aluminum profile and the natural thickness of wood

scope of application:

sub material doors and windows African red acid branch aluminum alloy flush doors are suitable for toilet doors, kitchen doors, study doors, bedroom doors, etc. "Sub aluminum" profile military quality, with excellent waterproof performance, air tightness, corrosion resistance, can be easily used in general home decoration

use decorative style:

1. New Chinese decorative style

based on some simple shapes, the new Chinese decorative style adds Chinese elements, making the overall space feel richer, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, stylish but not depressing. Wood products or imitation wood products are among the indispensable new Chinese elements. The color of wood grain is particularly simple and natural. Because the color of Chinese furniture is generally deep, with the matching of Asian wood doors and windows and African mahogany aluminum alloy flat doors, the color of the whole room can be coordinated

2. Neoclassical decorative style

discards the overly complex texture and decoration, simplifies the lines, and retains the general style of material and color. White, gold, yellow and dark red are the common main colors in European style. The dark red color tone of African tamarind, coupled with the mixing of double-layer insulating glass, makes the color look bright and generous, and gives the whole space an extraordinary bearing of openness and tolerance, It doesn't make people feel embarrassed at all

3. Modern simple decorative style

the brand tone of sub material doors and windows is simple and fashionable, and the color of aluminum profiles developed by R & D and designers should also be consistent with the brand style. Simple style has high requirements for color and texture of materials. Aluminum profile is a common decorative technique of modern simplicity, which can bring people a avant-garde and unrestrained feeling. African Ramulus aluminum profiles meet the rigorous pursuit of modern simple style for materials, and also meet the yearning for a natural and relaxed life

it can be said that the Asian wood door and window African red acid branch aluminum alloy swing door fully shows a strong grasp of the sense of modernity and deduces the comprehensive decorative strength of ancient and modern times





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