Xinhaoxuan doors and windows allow you to enjoy th

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Choose what kind of lifestyle, you will have what kind of life experience. Choose Xinhaoxuan doors and windows to let you enjoy the style of life hidden in time


you who work nine to five

always put green plants in front of your computer desk

tell yourself to live a delicate life


you who work late at night

look at this city very lively

but have a little less sense of belonging


you have seen many times

the city at 4 a.m.

but you haven't seen it for a long time

a picturesque park in the morning

even if you have tasted all the hardships in the world,

you still want to have it Style life

enjoy the exclusive exquisite life

what is life

can be

TaoYuanming's confidence that "Si is a humble house, but I am virtuous"

can also be

Haizi's free and easy "facing the sea, spring flowers bloom"

can be

firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, tea

can also be

Piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine flowers

but no matter which lifestyle you choose, you need to follow your heart

start from the heart, It is also a "new" start


a new day

the morning light is slightly dew, the warm sun rises at the beginning

the warm light pours from the window

the whole room is bright

lying comfortably in the room guarded by Xinhaoxuan doors and windows

enjoying the happiness of being awakened by the sun

personal appearance meets exquisite quality

achieving an unforgettable heart

luxurious Western food

rich Manchu Han banquet

no no no

or just a simple love breakfast in the morning

can start a happy day's life

the temptation of delicious food is inseparable from the warm environmental atmosphere

in the restaurant decorated with doors and windows of Xinhaoxuan

share the exquisite taste of each day with your lover

turn simple life into leisurely and comfortable enjoyment with your heart

play a symphony with pots and pans

frying and frying, play a table and sing.

Easy to enjoy the wonderful time of cooking and baking

quiet and exquisite life should be like this

in the sunny room of Xinhaoxuan, which is open

appropriately transparent and exquisite

the ventilation and lighting are first-class, and the heat preservation and noise reduction are intimate

you can enjoy

bright sunshine and slight breeze

with friends and family

tea viewing and talking

leisurely gathering It's not too fast

in the quiet space in the door

enjoy exclusive comfort and quiet

when busy, the quiet atmosphere adds power to work

in leisure time, erudite reading brings a full life

leisure time in the afternoon

drink a cup of coffee and read a book carefully

life is full of elegant style against the backdrop of Xinhao Xuanmu door

/p> night falls outside the window

the moon is quiet and the stars are sparse, Sit alone on the windowsill

invite the breeze and the moon to drink together, watch the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court

no silk and bamboo, no paperwork

enter the room through the hall with the wind, and enjoy a leisurely time

a good life, never make do with it

only pay attention to

life is simple, but life with style is not simple

many people are looking forward to a quiet life in the depths of prosperity

but now the world is too busy Too impetuous

we need a quiet place

place that restless heart

what kind of lifestyle you choose

what kind of life experience you will have

people who know life and how to choose products

people who know style, but also know how to pursue quality life

choose Xinhaoxuan doors and windows

enjoy the style life hidden in time

Xinhaoxuan ・our quiet doors and windows




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