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[] Nowadays, Jingwei paint has become a popular product in the decoration building materials market. When it comes to the market, it is not difficult for consumers to find that in a wide variety of paint and coatings, as long as they are related to the concepts of Jingwei, Qingwei, environmental protection and so on, such products must be worth double. Industry insiders said that Jingwei products have become the mainstream choice for citizens to buy paint and coatings, but there is also Li Gui in Jingwei coatings. In order to ensure the quality of Jingwei coatings, it is best to give priority to large brands. After smelling the taste to distinguish the authenticity, don't forget to check the VOC content in the test instructions and choose a high cost-effective product suitable for you

◆ uncover the secret: Fragrance coating acts as a clean flavor product

with the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many citizens will consider environmental protection as the first factor when purchasing paint and coating. Therefore, the concepts of clean flavor, aldehyde removal, low VOC and so on have become hot words in the paint and coating market. But is clean taste equal to environmental protection? Insiders said that due to the vague understanding of coating by citizens and the misleading of salespersons, it is easy to be deceived by merchants

according to Mr. Xu, a Dulux paint dealer, there are two kinds of coatings in the market at present under the banner of clean flavor. One is to add essence into the paint to cover up the pungent smell of the paint, which is actually a false taste technology, which can not achieve the purpose of protecting the indoor environment at all. The other is to neutralize some harmful gases by adding industrial elements to lotion to make it react with lotion. This method requires a high technical content and cost. At present, only a few big brands can meet this requirement

Mr. Xu said that because the price of pure flavor paint is much higher than that of ordinary paint, some bad manufacturers want to take advantage of loopholes. It is clear that fragrant paint is used as pure flavor products. If when buying paint, the merchant said that his pure flavor paint specially added so and so plant aldehyde removal components, which can emit a fresh and natural flavor, it is not at all clean flavor environmental protection performance, and it is likely to be a make up

◆ Market: there are no less than 100 brands, and the price difference is large.

my family uses a full effect pure flavor paint. The merchant said that the paint has a faint tea flavor, and there will be no taste after brushing the paint two or three days. But after a week, there is still a smell in the room, and there is an sour smell in the tea smell when the weather is muggy. Speaking of the experience of being fooled by paint dealers during decoration, Mr. Qin, who lives on the South Bank of the river, is still a little angry

is there Li Gui in Jingwei paint market? The reporter came to the building materials market and found that there are really many categories of Jingwei coatings. In terms of brands, both famous Dulux, Nippon, carlys and other brands, as well as unknown brands such as Pyle, Yabaoli and Laiwei, have their own Jingwei series products. In terms of varieties, the pure flavor paint under a brand is divided into seven or eight varieties, such as easy to clean flavor paint, crack resistant flavor paint, N-in-One flavor paint, and full effect flavor paint. However, when it comes to the characteristics of each brand or category, the salesperson is not clear, but takes out the leaflets of various coatings and lets the reporter choose by himself

according to Mr. Liu, manager of Shanbao paint, there are no less than 100 paint brands on the market now, and almost every brand has its own Jingwei series products. Jingwei paint of the same brand is 50-400 yuan higher than non Jingwei paint per barrel, and the price difference of Jingwei paint of the same grade of different brands is also between 100-200 yuan per barrel. For example, duluxpro ordinary paint is more than 120 yuan a barrel, while duluxpro full effect children's paint is more than 500 yuan a barrel; Famous brand Jingwei paint generally costs threeorfour yuan a barrel, while miscellaneous Jingwei paint can be bought for only oneortwo yuan

◆ tips: smell it on the spot, but also check the test report

insiders said that the most direct way to distinguish true and false pure flavor coatings is to smell the product's pure flavor effect on the spot. Before purchasing paint, the shopping guide is required to show samples and do small sample tests to compare the effects of several pure flavor products. The real pure flavor paint is almost the same as water, without any pungent smell, or the smell is very weak, and it can quickly volatilize to achieve pure flavor. If you smell the smell of fruit or tea, it can only be regarded as fragrance coating, which is by no means a real clean flavor coating

Mr. Liu also suggested that citizens should always pay attention to market trends and grasp the real information of products in time before purchasing Jingwei paint. At present, many well-known coating manufacturers will continue to develop and launch products facing different consumer groups from the actual needs of consumers, and gradually form different grades of pure flavor series products. When purchasing, you can choose products with high cost performance according to your own needs. Don't blindly pursue high-end imported products with original packaging, and don't buy miscellaneous products with low prices

after smelling the smell of the sample and comparing the brand and grade of the coating, many insiders also unanimously remind consumers not to forget to check the VOC (volatile organic compounds) content in the product test report. In the final analysis, pure taste is only a selling point of products. Scientific data are needed to tell how environmental performance is




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