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After years of deep potential and thick planting, once the KGB launched, Shuang Yu Mu men Sanmenxia store has woven a unique business story from the team, management and control of the general trend of the industry, and also created a legend of the development of the store market

"in store development, we must do the work of good people, Tao and potential. People are the team, which is the foundation of store development; Tao is the business strategy, which is the necessary guarantee of store development; potential is the industry trend, which is the inexhaustible driving force of store development". Yuan Guohua, the head of shuangyumumen Sanmenxia store, simply summed up the store management as "people, Tao and potential". The seemingly simple words have richer connotations when they are done

as an old dealer of Shuangyu, Mr. Yuan Guohua has his own unique ideas and strategies in store management. Today, we walk into shuangyumumen Sanmenxia store to explore the business story behind the success of this store

comprehensive improvement, team management advancing with the times

first, let's take a look at President yuan's understanding that "people" is the store team. Mr. Yuan believes that the relationship between wooden door stores and consumers is no longer simply "buying and selling", but more about the overall solution of the room and the resonance between the store and customer value, which puts forward higher requirements for the professionalism of the store team

Shuang Yu Mu men Sanmenxia team

Sanmenxia store is equipped with a professional design team, consulting team and promotion team. The division of labor and cooperation and cooperation of the professional team have greatly enhanced the customer service level of the store. At the same time, in order to ensure the fit between the team and the market, Sanmenxia store will regularly train the store team to improve the comprehensive strength of the team members

head of the store, Mr. Yuan

Jindi building materials market store as the store manager

careful layout, wooden door to whole house business transformation

next, let's take a look at Sanmenxia store's understanding of "road" that is, the way of store management. Since joining shuangyumumen, Sanmenxia store has actively laid out the local market, understood the market demand, stimulated the innovation vitality of the store, and predicted the development direction of the industry with forward-looking thinking while meeting the needs of consumers

appreciation of some products in stores

in 2016, Shuangyu innovatively put forward the product concept of "fashionable wooden door + light package". With the development of the overall industry and the continuous transformation of the consumer market environment, President yuan of Sunfu Mall for many years was keenly aware of the opportunity and future possibility of full house customization, actively laid out the local full house customization market, grasped the general trend of industry development, and promoted the business transformation of stores from wooden door to full house

follow the trend, and data will help link the future.

finally, I will explain president yuan's views on "potential" and industry trends. In the era of Internet big data, the e-commerce industry is booming, with wooden doors, customization and the whole house contending. Major enterprises have shifted the core of competition from the competition of offline markets to the division of online and offline markets. At this time, the integration of store data, market data and channels is particularly important

in 2016, Shuang Yu Mu men opened up its online sales network and realized the full linkage of online and offline sales network, which provided a transformation opportunity for Shuang Yu Mu men Sanmenxia. Taking advantage of the situation, we expanded online, cooperated with the manufacturer's online operation, actively stored water, obtained data, made marketing more accurate, and greatly increased store sales! At the same time, the idea of connecting manufacturers and the acquisition of big data have also become a sharp weapon for Shuang Yu Mu men Sanmenxia store to quickly seize the market, and also a booster for the future development of the store





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