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Interpretation of tips to reduce the heat of sunshine room editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

sunshine room has gradually created a harmonious environment between heat and nature, constantly improving the quality of human life, especially office workers such as white-collar workers, creating a wonderful living environment for them. In summer, although the all glass state of the sunshine room attracts many human eyeballs, the terrible heat continues to haunt consumers. How should we reduce the heat in the sunshine room

first of all, you can choose glass film for sun protection. Because the film has the function of heat insulation, it can not only maintain the visual permeability of the sunlight room, but also achieve heat insulation

secondly, use the sunshade in the sunshine room. Although it can reduce about 80% of the ultraviolet radiation, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and sunscreen, it greatly reduces the full glass state

finally, spray water to cool down, which can also achieve the function of automatically cleaning the top surface of the glass in the sunshine room

the sunshine room is facing you in an all glass attitude. How will you use the sunshine room

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