How to correctly select high-quality end belt and

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How to correctly select high-quality end belt and tear belt

end belt and tear belt, in addition to using different raw materials. 1. The characteristics of fixtures are the same, the machines used and the production process are almost the same. They are heating and pressing, film blowing and cooling, slitting and cutting, heating and extending. The best tension state is achieved by using the different speed ratios of the front and rear extractors. Finally, the tear belt or end belt is removed under the set weight by the coiler. Its technological process is not very complicated, but it is not simple to produce high-quality products. As the saying goes: if a worker wants to be good at something, he must first sharpen his tools. If the machinery and equipment are old and the production technology is not in place, it would be a dream to produce products with good quality and customer satisfaction. How to master the key to production? Now I will share my years of experience with the industry

five principles for production and processing

first, the thickness of the film head outlet should be adjusted evenly

second, the set temperature at each point should be accurate. If the temperature is not enough, it is easy to produce particles if the raw materials fail to melt completely. If the heating is overheated, the raw materials will be dissimilated, which may cause holes in the film surface

third, the cooling air valve should be appropriate. Too large the air valve is easy to cause the membrane tube to restore the experimental machine to its original state and shake unsteadily. The air valve is too small and the cooling force is not enough, and the membrane surface is easy to wrinkle

fourth, the speed ratio of the front and rear pulleys should be accurate. The speed ratio is too low, the belt tension is not strong, the speed ratio is too high, and the extension ratio is not enough, so the speed ratio should be accurate

five points: the left and right swing of the coiling table should be smooth, and the coiling end belt can be flat and dense

some domestic enterprises, limited by the shortage of funds, simplify their production based on the humble means, old machinery and equipment, produce products with high weight and low tensile force, different sizes and uneven appearance, too thick and short belts. When used in the strapping machine, the beak is often damaged, seriously affecting the normal packaging and strapping procedures. On the contrary, if the belt is soft, strong in tension and long enough, it will not cause machine failure when used. It is handy and saves a lot of labor consumables

comprehensive evaluation: carefully select

budget conscious customers, and do not take the price per kilogram as the only consideration for purchase orders. The quality of the belt, the length ratio of the same gram weight and the smoothness of the operation are comprehensively evaluated before deciding which one to purchase from. Taicang Hexin always takes the production of products with low weight, high pulling force, the same quality and low price as the market positioning, and gradually develops the market, expecting to be accepted by the majority of customer groups. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use recycled materials or non drawing materials to make the end belt. Although the cost is reduced a lot, the finished product is easy to break and the weight is heavy. For the same kilogram of belt, the length is 3 or 4 hundred meters less. In real terms, the cost is not cheap but more expensive. Smart users should have the right choice after careful consideration

end belt

from the appearance, the end belt is rolled into a cylindrical shape. The edges at both ends are flat, the winding lines are clear and dense, the surface is flat and straight, there is no size at both ends, the belt is flexible, the texture is good by hand, the edges of both sides of the belt are folded symmetrically and evenly, and it will not be wrapped together like a manual belt. This is a good belt. On the contrary, if the two ends are not flat and there is a gap between them, there may be poor joints or folding edges. The belt with joints will be blocked and broken during use because the joints are lumpy. Over time, it will seriously damage the beak, gear or blade of the knotter. The inferior 50ne belts cause more trouble on the assembly line of the full-automatic strapping machine. They often have to stop the machine and re thread the belts, which seriously affects the normal operation of the whole production line

the belt with poor folding and loose curl often slides around the cylinder body and wraps around the bottom, resulting in the belt not being pulled or broken. Such a situation will lead to the bending and deformation of the belt guide rod, which accounts for 25% of the global market share, and the strapping machine can not be used normally. The belt with poor folding edge is easy to cause that the blade can not cut the belt completely, resulting in wire dragging

the machine will be damaged if it is used for a long time. The belt with smooth curl and symmetrical and uniform folding ends will naturally adhere to the cylinder column and will not be scattered on the ground due to its own electrostatic relationship. It is naturally smooth and easy to use

tear tape

tear tape is used for manual binding. As long as it has low gram weight, strong tension, enough length, uniform width and good hand softness, it is a good tape. Tear tape can be divided into two types: flat tape and foam tape. As the name suggests, the flat belt has no lines and is as smooth as a mirror. The so-called foam tear band is a band with lines on the surface, which extends and winds up in a loose shape, so it is called foam tear band. The flat tear tape is generally produced by domestic manufacturers, but the foamed tear tape is only produced by some foreign businessmen who introduce the technology from Japan and Taiwan because of its high technical composition. In advanced countries, the majority of customers are willing to use the foam tear tape because of its good softness, good hand feel and strong tensile force. In addition, the characteristics of low gram weight have significantly reduced the cost of consumables. It is believed that the domestic market will also flourish in the near future

the reason why the foaming tear band is light in weight and strong in tension is that the lines on the band are like the reinforcement in the beam column, which can consolidate and enhance the toughness and strength of the band itself. In China, general manufacturers are also used to using tear tapes made of recycled materials as packaging consumables, which can be discarded after use and saved if possible. I think it is cheaper to buy recycled products than new materials. In fact, the recycled products are of heavy weight, short meters and low tension, while the new products are of light weight, long meters and strong tension. It is cheaper to use meters as the cost than reprocessed products. The cost for binding should be calculated in meters, not in kilograms. As long as we correct our ideas, the pure new material tear tape will gradually replace the recycled tear tape

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