How to control the ash falling from diatom mud

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How to control the ash falling from diatom mud

how to control the ash falling from diatom mud

march 21, 2019

nowadays, with the once hot second-hand housing market, the renovation of old houses has also quickly entered everyone's vision. During the decoration, there are many headache problems, one of which is how to deal with the ash falling from diatom mud. In general, except for the damage of furniture, the wall is the most seriously damaged. The cracks and ash falling on the wall are particularly ugly, Now let's introduce how we can control the phenomenon of diatom sludge falling off

the environment is dry

before the construction of diatom mud, the water conservation of the environment must be done well. The wall surface should be kept as wet as possible. If possible, roll water on the wall surface first. During the construction of diatom mud, do not open windows for ventilation or direct sunlight in order to catch up with the construction period. Let the diatom mud dry the Chinese paint naturally in the shade. If the air and ground are dry, you can sprinkle more water on the ground or spray some water into the air to increase the air humidity. If it is found that the powder may fall out due to the dry environment, it shall be stopped for careful observation or reworked immediately under the premise of doing a good job of water conservation

improper mixing of water

although there are many kinds of diatom mud products, different proportions of diatom mud to water may also be different, in most cases, it is not necessary to make too detailed deduction on the proportion of water to water, because different temperatures, humidity and water quality will have a certain impact on the proportion of water to water. During actual operation, as long as the pressure of the test piece is specified as 0.98mpa to ensure that it is paste after mixing with water, it is appropriate to lift the mixed diatom mud to the side with a shovel and it will not drip back into the barrel until it is placed in Tangshan area at the end of 1 second. It will be slightly thicker after this time, and it will be slightly thinner faster than this time

compression failure

this occurs only during some texture construction. Although this kind of powder falling is common, it is not terrible. As long as the floating ash on the edge and surface is thoroughly cleaned with a brush or wet cloth after the material is completely dry, there will be no powder falling in the future

during the drying process, the human ball screw is more complex than the trapezoidal screw in structure, so it can accelerate the drying.

for example, in winter, some places will use floor heating to accelerate the drying, which will cause powder loss in serious cases. It is recommended to stop these manual operations, open the window for ventilation, but try to let it dry naturally

there is no light

the texture without light will lose powder slightly. You can brush the surface of diatom mud with a brush after it is completely dried, and then the powder will not fall

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