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Examples of anti-wear application of nano inorganic nonmetallic ceramics

the new inorganic nonmetallic nano ceramic anti-wear agent is an anti-wear agent based on the inert solid materials of nano silicon carbide and nano silicon nitride, which acts on the surface of the parts with lubricating oil as the carrier. After adding, it is activated under the action of high temperature and extreme pressure, repairing the damaged parts, and forming a nano infiltration protective film. Under the condition of ensuring the normal fit gap, Reduce the friction between moving parts to almost zero. Because of the isolation effect of this film, the friction caused by the relative movement between the parts only acts on this protective film, which protects the parts, reduces the friction, and plays the role of anti-wear, wear reduction and rapid repair

1. Anti wear working principle of inorganic non-metallic nano ceramic anti-wear agent:

after adding nano ceramic anti-wear agent to all kinds of synthetic engine oil, gear oil, lubricating oil or grease, it can quickly integrate into one, and bring it to all metal surfaces with friction with the operation of the machine, activate under high temperature and extreme pressure, firmly penetrate into the dents and micropores on the surface of metal parts, and form a nano protective film on the metal surface, Make the original grease film or chemical film between metals into nano film, greatly reduce the friction force, and make the friction coefficient close to zero, so as to play its unique and magical function. 10. When the second and third groups of experiments need to be done,

2. Repair wear function of inorganic non-metallic nano ceramic anti-wear agent:

inorganic non-metallic nano ceramic anti-wear agent carries out solid physical nano infiltration plating with high temperature resistance, extreme pressure resistance and extreme wear resistance from inside to outside to repair wear. The use of traditional lubricants and greases for any metal parts can not avoid and repair wear, but can only play a delaying role, forming a deep cooperation between the industry and automobile lightweight steel processing enterprises. The chemical film-forming anti-wear agent and "protector" have a certain effect in the short term. Long term use has large side effects and strong dependence, which aggravates engine wear

3. Functions of inorganic non-metallic nano ceramic antiwear agent:

(1) nano infiltration plating to repair wear; (2) Fuel saving rate%; (3) Extend the oil change cycle by 50% - 100%; (4) Restore power; (5) Increase torque force%; (6) Realize zero mechanical friction; (7) Extend service life times; (8) Reduce mechanical noise, vibration and temperature by%; (9) Reduce the emission of waste gas and harmful substances by 20% - 70%; (10) Remove carbon deposit, oil dirt and chemical film

4. Characteristics of inorganic non-metallic nano ceramic antiwear agents:

(1) color milky yellow; (2) Milky; (3) Liquid specific gravity d>1; (higher accuracy 4) based on the technology of filter material preparation in the early stage, it is extremely clean and dispersive; (5) Non toxic, tasteless, non corrosive and metal free; (6) Wear reduction, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and extreme pressure resistance; (7) It can be mixed with various synthetic engine oils, petroleum, lubricating oils and greases; (8) Not decomposed in water (end)

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