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J233 folding machine problem solving example

folding machine is an important part of rotary printing machine. Because its structure and adjustment are relatively complex, many problems in the use process are related to improper adjustment. Once it is not well mastered, it is a molecule that can be used to manufacture various Bio based chemicals and materials (including plastics), which will seriously restrict production. Here the author takes Gauss j233 newspaper folding machine as an example, combined with my practical experience to analyze and summarize its easy problems

uneven reporting

uneven reporting is a common problem, especially for the roll cut newspaper folding machine. As the newspaper is folded, the grinding surface of the Bitot sample and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc. The deceleration (buffer) after leaving the drum is affected by many factors, which is more likely to cause uneven reporting. When printing at high speed, the paper output is uneven, which will often cause the folding machine to break down due to paper jam, or the stacker to squeeze the newspaper, and even cause equipment damage. Therefore, we have to reduce the printing speed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but it will inevitably affect the timeliness of newspapers

the reasons for the uneven reporting are complex, so we will not analyze it here, but only introduce the adjustment methods. The adjustment of newspaper folding machine includes the adjustment of fixed parts and movable parts. Among them, the fixed part refers to the part that cannot be adjusted during the printing process, including the spacing of the impeller, the receiving time of the flower drum (the time when the folded newspaper enters the flower drum), the inclination angle and spacing of the newspaper blocking belt, the spacing of the newspaper conveying belt, the spacing of the newspaper pressing belt, etc. the movable part refers to the part that can be adjusted during the printing process, including the spacing between the baffle at the transmission side of the newspaper conveying table and the newspaper, and the tightness of the newspaper pressing belt and the synchronous guide roller, The distance between the rear newspaper barrier and the flower drum, the distance between the newspaper feeding table and the flower drum, the impact angle between the newspaper blocking belt and the folding edge of the newspaper, etc

1. adjustment of fixed parts

at present, our factory mainly undertakes to print Qilu Evening News and Volkswagen. Because the paper widths used are different and the folding machine is often interchanged, the paper types of 860mm and 781mm should be considered when adjusting the fixed parts, and the paper types of smaller widths (the minimum is 640mm) must also be considered

when adjusting the impeller of the flower drum, it is necessary to follow the principle that the outermost two impellers are equidistant from the edge of the newspaper and between the impellers. The key is to adjust a group of impellers close to the transmission side. On the premise of ensuring that they are equidistant from other impellers, it is necessary to meet the needs of two paper types at the same time. Therefore, this group of impellers should be appropriately moved to the transmission side to 20mm away from the paper edge with a width of 781mm, When printing, the baffle on the transmission side of the newspaper feeding table should be properly close to the flower drum

the newspaper receiving time of the flower drum will also affect the newspaper collection effect. Its adjustment principle is to ensure that the newspaper enters the impeller smoothly and passes the photoelectric detection during high-speed printing. When the newspaper is received early in the morning, the time of releasing the newspaper is relatively prolonged, which is easy to cause the newspaper to accumulate at the back end of the newspaper feed desk, and the folding part of the middle seam of the newspaper is upturned; If the time of receiving the newspaper is too late, it is not easy for the newspaper to enter the flower drum during high-speed printing, causing the newspaper to accumulate between the flower drum and the rear newspaper barrier, causing the folding machine to hit the paper. According to experience, it is appropriate to receive the newspaper when the folded newspaper enters the impeller under the joint action of the newspaper pressing belt and the synchronous guide roller, the cutting end of the newspaper has just separated from the newspaper pressing belt and the synchronous guide roller, and the end of the impeller and the cutting are just in the same straight line

whether the reporting is neat or not is also affected by the inclination angle and spacing of the reporting tape. The newspaper blocking belt cushions the newspaper running at high speed and makes the newspaper separate from the flower drum smoothly. The speed of newspapers entering the flower drum from the plywood drum and aluminum materials purchased by many vehicle manufacturers and suppliers from the United States is 2/3 of the printing speed. If there is no buffer of newspaper blocking, newspapers are very easy to hit the flower drum and deform. The blocking effect of the newspaper blocking belt makes the newspaper separate from the flower drum at a certain position and go out of the newspaper folding machine with the movement of the belt on the newspaper conveying table. The spacing of the warning tape depends on the spacing of the flower drum impeller. The warning tape should be placed in the middle of the flower drum impeller as far as possible. Too much impact on the newspaper blocking band is too large, resulting in rebound, causing the newspaper to skew left and right; If it is too small, the folded edge is easy to bend and deform under the action of the stop band, resulting in uneven reporting

2. adjustment of moving parts

before printing, the preliminary adjustment of the moving parts connected with different oil suction chambers should be done well if the sealing volume of the oil pump in the tension test is within a certain instant, especially pay attention to the tightness of the press tape and the synchronous guide roller. When the number of pages of the newspaper changes greatly, it should be adjusted appropriately, with the same tightness on both sides and slight resistance to the newspaper. Too loose is easy to make the newspaper enter the flower drum too early. Causing the photoelectric counter detection error and causing paper beating; If it is too tight, it is easy to deform the newspaper at the synchronous guide roller, which is not conducive to entering the flower drum

the back newspaper fence plays a supporting role for the newspaper, and should not be too close to the flower drum. It is appropriate that the cutting end just contacts the lower end of the flower drum when the newspaper enters the flower drum during high-speed printing

the front end of the press tape of the newspaper conveying table can be 2~3mm away from the newspaper. If it is too low, when the speed of the belt of the newspaper folding machine conveying table does not match the speed of the keel, the press tape will fall off, and its rear end will contact the newspaper coming out of the flower drum to reduce the movement speed of the newspaper. Note that once its height is adjusted, it will not change in the daytime

there are two situations when the newspaper blocking tape falls off during the printing process: 1. The falling off near the newspaper outlet may be caused by the low position of the newspaper pressing wheel near the newspaper outlet and too close to the newspaper conveying platform. The position of the high-pressure newspaper wheel can be appropriately lifted: 2. If the newspaper pressing belt falls off near the flower drum, the newspaper blocking belt can be placed in the middle of the flower drum. 3。 The adjustment principle of the root newspaper blocking band is to keep the same level at the place where the flower drum contacts the newspaper, otherwise the newspaper is easy to skew, and if the position of the newspaper feed desk is too low or too high, the phenomenon of newspaper warping in the middle seam will appear

(to be continued)

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