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The "appearance" of AstraZeneca blister packaging continues

packaging materials

at present, the printing and packaging materials used for the internal and external packaging of drugs mainly include aluminum foil, (paper aluminum, aluminum plastic) composite film, paper for printing labels and instructions, cardboard for producing cartons, etc. according to whether the packaging materials are in direct contact with drugs, their quality requirements are also different. For inner packaging materials such as aluminum foil and composite film, the safety and hygiene of the material itself is the first factor to be considered. The material composition should not contain harmful substances, non-toxic additives, and do not produce impurities with high template reliability, and do not react or adsorb with the inner drugs. There should be no printing ink, adhesive residual solvents, heat sealing layer odor, etc. insects, hair, adhesives, dirt Impurities such as material debris are mixed in, and the inner packaging material is required to have certain mechanical strength such as impact resistance, pressure resistance, tension resistance and cracking resistance, so as to provide basic protection functions for drugs. In addition, according to the specific requirements of drugs, the inner packaging material itself should also have good barrier properties such as moisture-proof, oxygen barrier, gas barrier, shading, fragrance preservation, and good stability such as high temperature resistance, light resistance, cold resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc., so as to ensure the quality of drugs within the period of validity

compared with ordinary printed matter, the internal and external packaging of drugs not only has the same requirements for the integrity and correctness of the printed content, but also has special requirements for specific materials in combination with the automation characteristics of the packaging equipment of the production enterprise, such as the size deviation of the instructions is required to be less than ± 0.5mm; For aluminum foil and composite film with photoelectric tracking marks, the marking accuracy is required to reach 1%.; In addition, there are certain requirements for the stability of carton die-cutting size and carton pasting quality and its application rate, as well as the accuracy of the number of labels. The quality of some packaging materials can not be correctly judged according to the sampling conditions during the acceptance, such as aluminum foil, composite film, label, etc. packaged in the way of coiling. During the acceptance, only the head of the sample roll can be inspected. Pay attention to the problem parts found in the use process of the experimental machine, and the middle part cannot be sampled, so the inspection has great limitations. With the increasingly close cooperation between modern enterprises, the relationship between supply chains has gradually expanded from within enterprises to between enterprises. On the one hand, excellent suppliers are selected as partners, on the other hand, they actively help suppliers improve and improve their quality assurance system, and gradually extend the quality of packaging materials from relying solely on incoming material acceptance to completely controlled by suppliers

different packaging methods have different quality requirements for drug packaging materials. The materials used for automatic packaging have much higher requirements than those used for manual packaging, especially the machine adaptability of the materials, such as the die cutting of labels. These aluminum alloy materials have been listed in the 8000 Series aluminum alloy product catalogue by the American Aluminum Association. They have higher requirements for quality and standard output rate, specification size deviation, paper box socket and lock, etc. These on-line adaptability control indicators cannot be fully verified only by incoming material inspection, and can only be known after on-line use. The influence of the stability of post press processing technology on the quality of finished products should be the focus of printing enterprises, but it is easy for general enterprises to ignore. The acceptance of printing quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials should not only meet the quality requirements of conventional prints, but also have relatively strict requirements on color deviation and overprint accuracy control

common problems in packaging

the packaging process of fully automatic blister packaging can ensure the safety of drug packaging to the greatest extent. The automatic blister packaging machine includes blister forming and drug filling. The whole process of sealing, forming the outer packaging carton, folding and inserting the manual, putting the blister into the carton and sealing the carton can be completed at one time, which is safe and hygienic. In addition to the high degree of automation, the green environmental protection of raw materials has become the goal of many plastic raw material suppliers. In addition, the advanced model also has an equipment fault alarm system, a product defect detection system and a number of safety detection devices, as well as an automatic removal device, which greatly improves the safety and hygiene of drugs and effectively reduces the misloading of drugs

at present, the quality problems encountered in the acceptance of printed drug packaging materials mainly include the following aspects

(1) missing printing. Aluminum foil packaging and instructions often miss printing. Due to the fast production speed and high output of blister packaging, once this problem is found, it will often bring a lot of rework to pharmaceutical enterprises, and aluminum foil Miss printing is not easy to detect on the high-speed packaging machine, which is very easy to flow into qualified products. How to effectively control the missing printing of aluminum foil and the single-sided missing printing of double-sided printing instructions is an urgent problem for printers. It is suggested that priority should be given to its monitoring function when selecting equipment

(2) wrinkling. Wrinkling of aluminum foil is a common quality problem. Wrinkling aluminum foil not only affects the appearance and sealing of the final package, but also easily breaks due to the stretching of mechanical equipment during the packaging operation, affecting the packaging efficiency. There are many reasons for wrinkles in the production of cow aluminum foil. For example, improper control of drying process parameters in the production process of PTP aluminum foil is very easy to cause wrinkling of aluminum foil

(3) carton loading rate. The trouble free operation and stability of cartons on high-speed packaging lines are often important indicators to evaluate the adaptability of cartons on the machine. The loading rate of cartons is closely related to the post press processing technology of cartons, especially the stability of die cutting and the accuracy of box pasting position, which have an impact on whether the cartons are easy to open after loading, whether the cartons are easy to insert, the effectiveness of the lock after inserting, and whether the cartons do not spring during the process of moving. These common loading problems should be paid enough attention to by carton suppliers

(4) moisture content,, the moisture content in the manual is closely related to the performance of the machine. Too high or too low moisture content is detrimental to the machine. Especially for the instructions printed in plum rain season or dry winter, if the humidity of the production environment is not released or the moisture-proof measures are not in place, a series of computer problems will also occur

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