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Examples of air compressor transformation

1. Brief introduction to the working principle of the air compressor

the working principle is that a pair of parallel toothed male and female rotors (or screws) rotate in the cylinder, so that the air between the rotor slots constantly produces periodic volume changes, and the air is transmitted from the suction side to the output side along the rotor axis, realizing the ignition of the suction, compression and exhaust of the screw air compressor in the plastic industry; Huifubao is free to use the whole process. The air inlet and outlet of the air compressor are located at both ends of the shell respectively, and the slots of the female rotor and the teeth of the male rotor are driven by the main motor to rotate

the specific operation procedure is: press the start button, the control system connects the starter coil and opens the oil cut-off valve, the air compressor starts in the unloading mode, at this time, the inlet valve is in the closed position, and the vent valve is opened to discharge the pressure in the oil-gas separator. Wait for 2 seconds after the pressure reduction, the air compressor starts to load and run, and the system pressure begins to rise. If the system pressure rises to the upper limit value of the pressure switch, that is, the take-off pressure, the controller closes the air inlet valve, the oil-gas separator deflates, and the compressor operates at no-load until the system pressure falls to the lower limit value of the pressure switch, that is, under the rebound pressure, the controller opens the air inlet valve, the air outlet valve of the oil-gas separator closes, the compressor opens, the air outlet valve of the oil-gas separator closes, and the compressor operates at full load

II. Problems existing in the original system in accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

1. Although the main motor is started by star angle decompression, the current at start-up is still large, which will affect the stability of electricity and the operation safety of other electrical equipment

2. The main motor often runs without load, which is uneconomical operation and a serious waste of electric energy

3. The power frequency operation of the main motor causes great noise during the operation of the air compressor

4. The impact of power frequency starting equipment of main motor is large, and the wear of motor bearings is large, so the maintenance of equipment has a large amount of machinery. 3、 Design of frequency conversion transformation scheme

according to the problems existing in the original working condition and in combination with the production process requirements, the experimental machines with an air compressor transformer of less than 1 ton are basically conventional electronic universal experimental machines. After the frequency transformation, the system should meet the following requirements:

highlight the implementation of the innovation driven development strategy. 1. The motor frequency conversion operation state should maintain the stable pressure at the outlet of the air tank, and the pressure fluctuation range should not exceed 0.02MPa

2. The system shall have two sets of control circuits: frequency conversion and power frequency

3. The system has open-loop and closed-loop control loops

4. One frequency converter can control two air compressor units, which can be switched by a change-over switch

5. According to the working condition requirements of the air compressor, the system should ensure that the motor has constant torque operation characteristic I

6. In order to prevent non sinusoidal waves from interfering with the air compressor controller, the input end of the frequency converter shall have effective measures to suppress electromagnetic interference

7. In the case of small amount of electricity, when the frequency converter is running at low frequency, it should ensure that the motor winding temperature and motor noise do not exceed the allowable range

8. Considering the future expansion of the system, the frequency converter should meet the requirements of future working condition expansion

IV. principle of transformation scheme

the pressure closed-loop control system composed of frequency converter, pressure transmitter, motor and spiral rotor automatically adjusts the motor speed to stabilize the air pressure in the air tank within the set range for constant pressure control. The feedback pressure is compared with the set pressure, and the output step of the frequency converter is controlled in real time, so as to adjust the motor speed and stabilize the air pressure in the air tank at the set pressure

v. benefits after frequency conversion transformation of air compressor

1, energy saving

2, reduced operating cost

3, improved pressure control accuracy

4, extended service life of compressor

5, reduced noise of air compressor

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