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Example of comprehensive processing of CNC milling machine

example 1: use an end mill with a diameter of 20mm to process the parts shown in Figure 1. The maximum cutting depth shall not exceed 20mm each time

(1) process analysis

the thickness of the part is 40mm. According to the processing requirements, the cutting depth is 20mm each time, and the cutting is divided into two times. In these two deep cutting processes, the motion trajectory of the tool on the xoy plane is completely consistent, so the cutting process is written into a subroutine, which is called twice by the main program to complete the cutting of the part, and the middle two holes are the machined process holes, Let the lower left corner of the upper surface of the illustrated part be the workpiece coordinate system, and its polymer is the random origin

(2) machining program

Figure 1 contour milling

o1000 program number

n010 G90 G92 x0 Y0 z300 use absolute coordinate programming to establish the workpiece coordinate system

n020 G00 x-50 y-50 S800 M03 rapid feed to x=-50, y=-50, spindle forward rotation, speed 800r/min

n030 G01 Z-20 F150 Z axis work to z=-20, feed speed 150mm/min

n040 M98 p1010 calls subroutine o1010

n050 z-45 F300 z-axis operation to z=-45, Feed speed 300mm/min

n060 M98 p1010 calls subroutine o1010

n070 G00 x0 Y0 z300 to quickly feed to x=0, creating a large ground landscape covering an area of about 40000 square meters, y=0, z=300

breaking the sample

n100 M30 end of main program

o1010 subroutine number

n010 G42 G01 X-30 Y0 F300 H02 M08 cutting fluid on, linear interpolation to x=-30, and y=0, Tool radius right compensation h02=10mm

n020 X100 linear interpolation to x=100, y=0

n030 G02 X300 R100 clockwise interpolation to x=300, y= most of them are mixed with domestic garbage. 0

n040 G01 X400 linear interpolation to x=400, y=0

n050 y300 linear interpolation to x=400, y=300

n060 G03 x0 R200 counterclockwise interpolation to x=0, y=300

n070 G01 y-30 linear interpolation to x=0, Y=-30

n080 G40 G01 x-50 y-50 linear interpolation to x=-50, y=-50, cancel tool radius compensation

n090 M09 cutting fluid off

n100 M99 subroutine ends and returns to the main program

example 2: rough mill the cavity of the workpiece as shown in Figure 2 with an end mill with a diameter of 8mm

(1) process analysis

① determine the process route. As shown in Figure 3, the line cutting method is adopted, and the tool center track B → C → D → e → f is used as a cycle unit. The cycle is repeated for many times, and the lower left corner of the upper surface of the illustrated part is set as the origin of the workpiece coordinate system

② calculate the tool center

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