IFLYTEK signed a cooperation agreement with Intel

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IFLYTEK and Intel signed a cooperation agreement to promote the application of artificial intelligence technology

on October 21, the 2016 Intel China industry summit was held in Zhuhai, and representatives of iFLYTEK, Huawei, Lenovo and other enterprises were invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, iFLYTEK and Intel officially signed a cooperation agreement, and the two sides will carry out a three-year Intel? Supreme? Processor + Intel? Supreme fusion core? Processors, and Intel? Supreme? The machine learning/deep learning research project based on processor +fpga comprehensively deepened the cooperation between the two sides in the field of artificial intelligence

as the largest listed company of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence in the Asia Pacific region, iFLYTEK has maintained long-term close cooperation with industry leaders such as Intel. As a partner of Intel, iFLYTEK provided speech recognition engine technology to Intel in 2014; In 2015, the two sides cooperated on made in China 2025; In 2016, the two sides jointly launched a deep learning computing platform. Previously, Wang Zhiguo, vice president of iFLYTEK Research Institute, also delivered a keynote speech as a special guest at the 2016 Intel IDF summit, saying that the two sides will also carry out more in-depth cooperation

in the era of continuous technological change, iFLYTEK has further deepened exchanges and strengthened cooperation by signing a cooperation agreement with Intel. Wang Zhiguo said at the conference that he was glad to work together with Intel again to continue to further promote the technical cooperation between the two sides. Both sides have been committed to the innovation of artificial intelligence technology and the promotion of the industry. One side is good at the underlying computing architecture, and the other is good at algorithms and applications. In the future, it is expected that the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in AI technology can promote the collaborative design and optimization of hardware and software, jointly find innovative solutions for AI computing platforms, promote the development of AI industry, and support more industrial users to carry out business transformation through these innovative technologies

Shannon Poulin, vice president of Intel sales and marketing division and general manager of industry sales division, said that the popularity and application of advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, IOT, artificial intelligence are bringing new opportunities to the industry. By cooperating with iFLYTEK and other leading intelligent voice and artificial intelligence technology providers in China, we can jointly promote and welcome the arrival of this new era in the future

for a long time, iFLYTEK has adhered to the innovation of core technology sources, representing the world's most advanced level in the direction of intelligent speech and artificial intelligence. In 2016 alone, iFLYTEK clicked the new experiment button on the analysis board to create an experiment record. IFLYTEK won the first place in the Winograd schema challenge of the global AI competition and the champion of all three projects of the international Multi-channel Speech Separation and recognition competition (chime)

while promoting the continuous development of China's intelligent voice and artificial intelligence industry, iFLYTEK is also actively going global, cooperating with overseas institutions and enterprises, and gradually accelerating the internationalization process. Previously, iFLYTEK has jointly established a neural computing and deep learning laboratory with York University in Canada, and has reached close cooperation with institutions and enterprises such as Georgia Institute of technology, National Research Council of Canada and IBM, laying a solid foundation for iFLYTEK to expand the international market

iFLYTEK and Intel will work together to further promote the development of the global AI industry. In China, the beautiful blueprint of changing the world with AI will be accelerated

Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK is a national backbone software enterprise specializing in intelligent voice and language technology, artificial intelligence technology research, software and chip product development, voice information services and e-government system integration. IFLYTEK's core technologies of intelligent speech and artificial intelligence, such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, oral evaluation, machine translation, represent the highest level in the world. Based on the core technology of having independent knowledge and establishing the intellectual property rights of the East China Sea joint operations command center, iFLYTEK has launched voice products and services covering the whole industry, leading the in-depth application in the fields of intelligent education, intelligent customer service, intelligent vehicle, intelligent city, intelligent home, intelligent hardware, intelligent medical treatment, etc., occupying more than 70% of the Chinese voice market share, and becoming the leader of China's intelligent voice and artificial intelligence industry. In 2010, iFLYTEK released the world's first iFLYTEK open platform to provide mobile Internet voice interaction capabilities. So far, there are 200000 partners, and the average number of interactions per day is more than 3 billion. The artificial intelligence industry ecosystem with iFLYTEK as the core is continuing to build

as a company committed to driving cloud computing and hundreds of millions of intelligent and interconnected computing devices, yingbian sample can hold 0 ⑴ 5mm. Based on a cost-effective open it infrastructure, through continuous technological innovation and ecological cooperation, it will continue to integrate and optimize the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning, driverless and other technologies, and work with partners to jointly promote the implementation and application of overall solutions from cloud to end, Lay a solid foundation for users to carry out business transformation, and create a sharp tool for transformation in the new economic era

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