IKEA recalls three glasses worldwide

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IKEA recalled three glasses worldwide

IKEA announced on the evening of January 18 that it would recall three "run Lund" hand-made glasses. IKEA said that it had received 12 reports from around the world about the breakage of its glass during use. In 5 cases, if the other end was on the pole or the cable was sawed off, the user was injured. The investigation found that the reason for glass fragmentation was the difference in glass thickness

in order to prevent such incidents, IKEA decided to immediately recall "run Lund" glasses in all markets. It is suggested that all customers who have purchased the products immediately stop using the products, and Ikea will handle the return service. The head of IKEA said he was "sorry for the inconvenience", and said he would never reduce the requirements for product safety. According to more information: Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. main products: friction and wear testing machine, electronic/hydraulic universal testing machine, tensile testing machine, change testing machine, impact testing machine, relaxation testing machine, pressure testing machine, fatigue testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine Lu, "Lund Cup" sold a total of 7622 sets in China, more than 1500 sets in Britain, and more than 2800 sets in Canada. The recalled "Lunde" mobile equipment glasses have three styles in China, which are 400ml, 210ml and 20ml double glasses respectively. At present, there is still no relevant information released in Guangzhou. Consumers who have purchased this cup can directly take the cup to IKEA to return it without invoice. It is understood that in addition to the Chinese market, IKEA also issued a recall announcement in the Netherlands, Australia and other countries on the same day. A total of 265000 glasses worldwide will be recalled

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