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IFLYTEK speech preview "artificial intelligence lights up fireworks and leads industry transformation and upgrading"

2020 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI Forum () (on September 18, the tensile experiment of what materials should be done will be grandly opened in Liaoning Building in Beijing. The theme of this meeting is the development opportunities and challenges of ICT industry in the context of new infrastructure. Xulinhua, director of iFLYTEK ecological cooperation, University of science and technology, will attend this meeting and deliver a keynote speech, "artificial intelligence lights up the fireworks in Hubei's new material industry with a revenue of 500 billion yuan, leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry", speech time: September 18 (Friday) 10:: 15am

About Xu Linhua:

iFLYTEK Ecological Cooperation Director, a senior expert in the field of intelligent services, has rich experience in upstream and downstream resources accumulation and project implementation in the industry in 2015. IFLYTEK Co., Ltd. is a well-known listed enterprise of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence in the Asia Pacific region. The company has long been engaged in the research of core technologies such as voice and language, natural language understanding, machine learning reasoning and continuous enterprising autonomous learning, and has maintained the international cutting-edge technology level; Actively promote the R & D of artificial intelligence products and the implementation of industrial applications, and strive to make machines listen, speak, understand and think

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