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IFLYTEK was selected as the "demonstration enterprise of cultural reform and development supported by Anhui Province"

on May 6, the provincial cultural system reform working conference organized by the Publicity Department of the Anhui provincial Party committee was successfully held in Hefei. Cao Zhenghai, member of the Standing Committee of the Anhui provincial Party committee and Minister of the publicity department, Xie Guangxiang, vice governor and other leaders attended the meeting and deployed the next step of cultural reform and development in the province. At the meeting, iFLYTEK, together with 10 enterprises including Anhui Publishing Group and Anhui distribution group, was selected as a demonstration enterprise of cultural reform and development supported by Anhui Province, and vice president Chen Tao accepted the award on behalf of the company

cultivating demonstration enterprises for cultural reform and development is an important starting point for Anhui Province to build a strong cultural province and realize the rapid development of cultural industry. Recommended by local and provincial relevant units, the Publicity Department of the Anhui provincial Party committee, together with relevant provincial departments, has determined the demonstration enterprises for cultural reform and development that will be given priority support in 2014 through comprehensive consideration of the adoption of computers for data processing and analysis of the reform and development, social and economic benefits of cultural enterprises, and will carry out cultural and economic policies, financial support In terms of publicity and promotion, the selected enterprises will be strongly supported by the vehicle inspection industry of products

pronunciation is the foundation of culture and the symbol of a nation. As the leader of China's voice industry, iFLYTEK adheres to the integration of technology and culture, and has made important contributions to the development of China's cultural industry in education and culture, entertainment and culture, the protection of minority languages and cultures, and the international promotion of Chinese. Taking the development of educational and cultural undertakings as an example, iFLYTEK adheres to the concept of science and technology serving education, innovatively applies the world's leading intelligent voice technology to the field of education, successfully develops and promotes a series of products and overall solutions for teaching, examination and learning that meet the application needs of various experimental data and curve fields from kindergartens to universities, and provides educational services. At present, the Changyan series of educational products have been extended to 30 provinces and cities across the country, benefiting more than 70million teachers and students

in 2013, iFLYTEK was selected into the top 100 private cultural enterprises in Anhui Province by virtue of its outstanding contributions in the cultural field. Chairman Liu Qingfeng, as a pioneer and leader in the Chinese speech industry, won the 2013 person of the year in the Chinese cultural industry. This selection of Anhui province's key support for cultural reform and development demonstration enterprises is not only the reaffirmation of iFLYTEK's achievements in the development of cultural industry over the years by the industry authorities and all sectors of society, but also further encourages the company to continue to explore and innovate, and makes greater contributions to promoting Anhui's cultural industry to respond to the industry's high attention to its development and enhance Anhui's comprehensive cultural strength

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