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Liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, participated as one of the representatives of entrepreneurs

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connectivity looks forward to a bright future. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, the political, cultural and economic ties have become closer, bringing more opportunities to entrepreneurs of China and Pakistan. Entrepreneurs of the two countries should take responsibility for the society, sow the seeds of friendship wherever their business is done, and build a monument of friendship wherever their projects are built. It is hoped that entrepreneurs of the two countries will forge ahead and create a better future for China Pakistan cooperation

Panama is an important link connecting the Americas and connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The close relationship between China and Pakistan has given private enterprises such as iFLYTEK more room for development. Liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, also said that it was a great honor to participate in this forum. We were greatly encouraged by the speeches made by President Xi Jinping and President Barrera when they met. IFLYTEK has been seeking international cooperation opportunities and exploring international markets. In recent years, iFLYTEK has made continuous breakthroughs in machine translation technology and application implementation. It has realized the mutual translation between Chinese and 33 languages, and has the functions of offline translation, dialect translation, photo translation and so on, which is a great help to break the barriers of cross language communication and realize transnational communication. It is expected that the translation function will build a bridge between Chinese and Panamanian enterprises

Chairman Liu Qingfeng introduced iFLYTEK translator

a.i. to the delegates. After the meeting, President Barrera visited the China (Panama) comprehensive brand exhibition to visit the latest products and applications of Chinese enterprise representatives. When visiting iFLYTEK booth, President Barrera personally experienced iFLYTEK translator 2.0 and said to the guests in Spanish: Bienvenidos a Panam! The translator immediately spoke Chinese beautifully. Welcome to Panama, and there was a lot of applause

then, the staff expressed the idea of giving the translator to President Barrera with the translator: I want to give it to you as a gift, and I hope that the translator can help the communication between China and Panama in the future. After hearing the translated Spanish, President Barrera gladly accepted the gift of science and technology from China

in addition to iFLYTEK translator 2.0, iFLYTEK hearing intelligent conference system, medical image aided diagnosis system, global Chinese learning platform and English listening, speaking, teaching and testing platform and other products also appeared at the exhibition

the joint participation of iFLYTEK and other enterprises in the China (Panama) comprehensive brand exhibition not only shows the strength and charm of China's science and technology with rapid development in recent years, but also provides a new stage for national science and technology enterprises such as iFLYTEK, whose price of recycled waste plastics is far higher than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years, to further step into the world

this year is the fifth anniversary of China's the Belt and Road initiative. IFLYTEK has responded positively and is committed to using artificial intelligence technology to help the Belt and Road win-win cooperation. IFLYTEK translator realizes the mutual translation of Chinese into 33 languages, which will promote cross language communication and cross-border cooperation. IFLYTEK expects that more working samples should be cut from test pieces with uniform thickness to join, and work together to create a better future with artificial intelligence

what kind of experience is iFLYTEK's debut in Panama to translate for foreign presidents

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