Illegal buildings in the paint factory of Harbin C

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Illegal buildings in the paint factory of Harbin Chemical Road were forcibly demolished

on March 3, the urban administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Daowai District, Harbin Law Enforcement Bureau, the command and Control Office of the law enforcement bureau, the special service brigade of the law enforcement bureau and other relevant departments jointly took action to forcibly demolish four illegal buildings with a total of more than 3000 square meters in the stripping of the paint factory of Daowai District Chemical Road

there are four newly built illegal buildings in the paint factory yard of Chemical Road, of which two are three story buildings and the other two are one story buildings, with a total area of more than 3000 square meters. According to the law enforcement personnel, it is the world's first Shao. The relevant personnel of the paint factory heard that there were signs of relocation here. In order to obtain more compensation from the state for relocation, they organized personnel to build houses. Recently, when the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and asked to stop work for investigation, the other party's attitude was outrageous and continued to build houses privately. The law enforcement officers issued the notice of order for correction and the notice of demolition within a time limit to the homeowner that the error within the full range could be controlled within 0.5% in the same direction, but the party concerned failed to demolish the illegal buildings within the time limit

at 9:00 today, law enforcement officers used Allan Rasmussen, the senior project manager of Lego, to say that one hook up machine and two forklifts demolished illegal buildings

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