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IFLYTEK won the three champions of the international Multi-channel Speech Separation and recognition competition

on September 13, 2016 local time, the Organizing Committee of the international Multi-channel Speech Separation and recognition competition (chime) announced the results of the fourth chime-4 competition at Google company in San Francisco, USA: iFLYTEK won the best results of all three items of this chime competition. The three projects are speech separation and English recognition tasks in six microphone, dual microphone and single microphone scenarios. The winning of the chime competition once again proves the international top technical strength of iFLYTEK in the field of speech recognition and multi microphone array speech signal processing, and also shows that iFLYTEK has reached the international leading level in its English speech recognition system while maintaining an absolute lead in Chinese speech recognition system

chime (Computational heating in multisource environments) competition was initiated in 2011 by famous research institutions such as the French Institute of computer science and automation, the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and the Mitsubishi electronic research laboratory in the United States, The purpose of the competition is to hope the academic and industrial circles to put forward a new speech recognition solution for a material scene where real antibacterial materials are indispensable under the influence of high noise and reverberation, so as to further improve the practicality and universality of speech recognition. It is a high-difficulty competition in international speech recognition evaluation. At present, the chime competition has been held for four times, and has become the most influential multi-channel noise robustness speech recognition competition with the most participating teams and the highest level in the industry. In the past, the participating teams of the competition included well-known research institutions such as the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, NTT in Japan, 13 in Germany, RWTH Aachen University, etc., as well as well-known universities and research institutes such as Tsinghua University, the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University and so on. This chime competition was hosted by Google, and Google also arranged relevant personnel to participate in the competition

iFLYTEK participated in this competition for the first time this year. Through in-depth cooperation and discussion with Professor dujun of the University of science and technology of China, Professor Chen Jingdong of Northwestern Polytechnic University, Professor Li Jinhui of Georgia Institute of technology and other well-known experts at home and abroad, iFLYTEK won the laurels of all three projects and significantly refreshed the best records in the history of each project. IFLYTEK's record of 2.24% word error rate in the six microphone scene has been highly praised by the competition organizers, who believe that iFLYTEK's system has given a near perfect solution to the speech recognition task of complex scenes based on multi-channel small and medium vocabulary scale. This is another new achievement of iFLYTEK after winning the international evaluation awards in the fields of speech synthesis, speaker recognition, language recognition, wood plastic products than pure plastic or aiming to use invisible luminous materials for pure wood on plastic packaging labels, machine translation, cognitive intelligence and so on

the following are the detailed results of the three projects of chime-4 international competition (the lower the error rate, the better the system performance)

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