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Using IGBT modular platform in advanced power applications can improve the development efficiency of many power equipment systems, especially some very novel systems. This platform can bring many benefits to the application of products, including: soft switching high-power inverter, ac/ac converter with reduced DC capacitor bank and increased reliability, multilevel modular scalable high-power inverter, and high-performance and low-cost power conversion system composed of a high-power low-frequency converter and a low-power high-frequency multifunctional load regulator

using SEMiX modular platform with advanced switching mode power topology and realizable single board multi modularization, a modern and highly reliable inverter with an average time between failures of 80000 hours (10 years) can be designed and manufactured. SEMiX is an example of the main goal of semicontrol products, that is, to reduce the total power consumption of the system for specific application fields. Its advanced design technology to minimize the loss of the system starts from the device level. Low power loss means higher work efficiency, energy saving, simplified heat dissipation, so as to achieve a more compact, smaller, lighter and lower cost system. Eliminating unnecessary thermal resistance during heat treatment is as important as improving the performance of silicon wafers. Many current advanced technologies have been used in grooved gate components to reduce the static losses of modules, connecting parts, magnetic materials and heat treatment parts

better magnetic materials and higher switching frequency help to achieve a more compact design, so people pursue a higher working frequency of the module. The resulting problem is that switching loss has become the dominant factor in semiconductor switching devices. In the process of pursuing higher efficiency, the dynamic switching loss of devices, the loss of absorption circuit, the dv/dt stress on motor insulation, electromagnetic compatibility problems, the voltage rise effect of long cable connected motor terminal under high switching frequency and energy quality should be solved by silicon chip technology and switching element topology technology. The soft through (SPT) module with the minimum switching loss can work at high switching frequency. The soft switching technology of ZVS or ZCS is helpful to further reduce or eliminate the above problems

advanced power equipment system

Figure 1 is the soft transient control strategy diagram of a three-phase zero current transient (ZCT) inverter circuit. Each phase circuit includes an LC resonator, two main switching devices and two auxiliary switching devices. It is reported in literature [3 that they can significantly reduce the switching loss and voltage/current stress of devices. The main advantages of this circuit are as follows:

the auxiliary circuit of each phase is independent, which is only related to the soft transient of this phase of the main circuit;

because there are no other series devices on the main power circuit, the switching voltage stress is the DC bus voltage;

the wear rate (V) of the auxiliary switch The rated current of wear devices is much smaller than that of main switching devices

compared with hard switching circuit, the on loss of soft switching devices can be reduced by 70%, and the off loss can be reduced by 85%. More importantly, the peak current of diode reverse recovery is reduced by 75%, The voltage overshoot and high-frequency oscillation when the device is turned off basically disappear [4. The current stress and thermal stress of each switching cycle are evenly distributed on the auxiliary devices, and the voltage stress on the slow vibration capacitor of harmonic control response is reduced by 30%. The soft transient process of each phase is independent and independent of the main controller. Any pulse width modulation mode designed for hard switching inverter is also applicable to soft switching inverter. The auxiliary switching devices only switch in the transient process of the main power switching device on and off, through It is a very narrow signal with high peak resonant current. The ratio of maximum peak current to average current of auxiliary switching devices can be as high as 20 times. The active power circuit diagram of using semix3 module (700a/1200v) as the main circuit and semix2 module (300a/1200v) or semix2 module (200a/1200v) as the auxiliary circuit is shown in Figure 1a. S3 multi adapter board is used to transmit the drive, monitoring, protection and control signals of SKYPER to the control board

figure 1. Circuit diagram of three-phase zero current transient (ZCT) inverter

1a. SEMiX module series in three-phase zero current transient (ZCT) inverter

literature [5 the structure diagram of a new type of high-performance and low-cost power conversion system is proposed. The system is composed of a main converter and a multifunctional load regulating device, as shown in Figure 2. The main converter handles most of the energy conversion at low switching frequency, and the load regulating device only handles a small part of the energy conversion at very high switching frequency. Therefore, the harmonic current caused by nonlinear load only accounts for the whole load due to screw if If there is a gap, the experimental data made in the future will be a small part of the current. The switching frequency of the main converter of the system is 5KHz, and the output power is 150 kW. The switching frequency of the load regulating device is 20K, giving full play to the role of the cooperation mechanism, and the output power is 30kW. The main converter uses the semix703gd126 module, while the load regulating device uses the 3 x semix302gb128 module

figure 2. Circuit block diagram of power system composed of main inverter and load regulator

literature [6 describes the multi-level high-power and/or high-voltage motor driver. The multi-level converter can produce an approximate sinusoidal voltage fundamental signal, which will hardly produce electromagnetic interference or common mode voltage, and is very suitable for driving high current and high voltage motors. This hierarchical series inverter can be suitable for all electrical drives of large vehicles, because it has several level DC voltage sources. The hierarchical series inverter consists of a series of H The composition of bridge (single-phase, full bridge) inverter unit is shown in Figure 3. These multilevel converters have high efficiency because of their low switching frequency. When the multilevel inverter is used as a rectifier to convert AC to DC, the power factor is close to 1, and there will be no electromagnetic interference or common mode voltage/current problems. The multilevel converter using SEMiX intelligent power module is shown in Figure 3

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