Beijing will send mobile laboratories to the disas

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It is reported that the Municipal Food Safety Office will send large-scale mobile laboratories, food safety emergency protection vehicles, rapid detection vehicles, etc. to the disaster areas, and the insulation material industry is not backward, to carry out on-site testing of food to ensure the normal emergency protection of food safety in the disaster areas. So far, no food safety problems have been found in the supervision and sampling of food

it is understood that large mobile laboratories can conduct preliminary screening and quantitative analysis of major pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, additives, microbial indicators, etc. within 2 to 18 hours. The Municipal Food Office said yesterday that it would urge food production and operation enterprises to comprehensively investigate potential food safety hazards, require enterprises to strengthen the food purchase inspection and acceptance system, and strengthen the majority of enterprises that can put it on one side until other machines and tools are completely cleared. The user economy is also gradually picking up, and the quality and safety monitoring of production, processing, storage, circulation, distribution and other links is strictly preventing food and raw material pollution, Prevent food safety accidents in food production and operation

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