Beijing yitongchuang cooperates with NEC to set up

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Beijing yitongchuang cooperates with NEC to set up a technology center in Shenzhen

recently, Beijing yitongchuang Technology Co., Ltd., one of NEC's main agents, and NEC jointly announced the establishment of "yitongchuang technology center" in Shenzhen. The technology center will be mainly developed in the field of household appliances and industrial applications based on MCU, including air conditioning remote controllers, RF remote controllers, electric vehicle controllers, DC motor drives, washing machine controllers, capacitive touch button applications, etc. "The research direction of the technology center is to become a software design expert of NEC applilet2 platform, provide users with software and hardware design, save users' development time, and thus have more time to serve end consumers." Huang Xiaomao, director of the newly established yitongchuang technology center, said to. In the new research direction, yitongchuang technology center will also focus on the application of 180 degree sensorless compressor, 120 degree sensorless water pump/window machine and 180 degree sensorless industrial servo machine. "DC motor is a field with great potential in the development of power supply, and we will focus on research and development." He explained

since its establishment eight years ago, yitongchuang has made great progress with the support of NEC. The annual sales volume has increased from more than 9 million yuan at the beginning of its establishment in 2002 to 200million yuan, and it has also become one of the largest MCU agents in necel Chinese Mainland. After years of efforts and development, we have established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known domestic enterprises in air conditioners, washing machines, induction cookers, electric vehicles and other fields. The range of products sold is also expanding, and has become a comprehensive agent capable of selling MCU, PMD and compound products

Zhu Xiaobing, general manager of the company, said at the founding meeting of the technology center, "Last year's financial crisis, from October 2008 to February 2009, sales fell sharply and inventories increased sharply, and the company was facing the greatest operating pressure since its establishment. We feel lucky that this year, the impact of the country's favorable policies such as expanding domestic demand has returned to the normal level since March this year, and our business indicators have increased significantly in recent months compared with the same period last year, but due to the business environment is still weak There are various uncertain factors, which make the sample "drum shaped" after deformation, and the characteristics of the products we sell (most of them are masks), which determine that we need to prevent another roller coaster experience. At the same time, we also hope to learn enough experience from the financial crisis to resist various risks and improve the company's anti risk ability. "

Beijing yitongchuang technology center was established in Shenzhen, focusing on motor control, RF remote control and other fields

the establishment of the technology center is precisely to enhance the competitiveness of the company to meet the arrival of the 4D printing period. He continued, "today, great changes have taken place in the market. The increasingly fierce competition in technology and price in the semiconductor industry has put forward higher requirements for the business operation of distributors." He explained that the oxidation, electrophoresis and casting production lines have one channel each. First of all, customers require that while providing the best cost-effective products, distributors also need to provide the best technical support and services. Technical support for the early development of the project, quality control of mass production process and after-sales quality support services are very important. Secondly, customers need us to provide complete solutions for some cutting-edge technology products, so that they can quickly adopt new technologies, launch new products and occupy the market. On the other hand, we can also maintain or increase market share. The last point is to form differentiated competition, so that our products can enter a higher-end field, one step ahead of our competitors, lead the market direction, and disperse the business risks caused by price competition in the low-end market

as distributors face increasingly fierce price competition and profit pressure, it has become a major trend to enter the field of technical solutions to achieve differentiation. However, yitongchuang technology center has a bigger dream: "I hope that in the near future, the technology center can develop into an independent technology company and develop more and better technology solutions." Zhu Xiaobing said

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