The hottest low-cost storage resistant leemon cup

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Low cost, storage resistant leemon cup at the beginning of 2003, alpina Productos alimenticios S.A., a food and beverage packer in Sopo, Colombia, launched the first thermoplastic polypropylene packaging container in Colombia, which is specially designed for leemon lemonade drinks

this 200ml storage resistant packaging cup is provided by carpak rigid packaging division. It uses millad r 3988 transparent material from Milliken chemicals

"carpak's experimental method does not require high measurement operation. The company helps us produce this kind of transparent packaging container with existing equipment at a low cost." Federico hincapie, a packaging engineer of alpina company, said, "by using millad transparent PP synthetic material, our new lemonade packaging has excellent transparency, so that our products show a good appearance of natural lemons. In addition, this packaging also has good hardness and impact resistance, and is cheap and highly competitive." This leemon cup packaging adopts dry offset printing and aluminum foil composite film sealing

the unit price of this leemon cup is 600 pesos, while the same 350ml PET bottle packaging costs 1100 pesos. In addition, you can buy a newer 200ml package for 700 pesos

"its low cost and up to 60 day shelf life enable people to no longer buy leemon beverages packaged in the original PET bottles." Hincapie said, "this new packaging is helping us increase market share."

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