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Low price products monopolize the coating and building materials market in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province

low price products monopolize the coating and building materials market in Shaoyang City, Hunan Province

October 12, 2009

[China coating information] Shaoyang, historically known as "Baoqing", is located in the southwest of Hunan Province, with Zijiang and Shaoshui passing through the city. It is an ancient city with a history of more than 2000 years. In the past five years, Shaoyang's GDP has increased by an average of 10.9% and its fixed asset investment by 37.4%. The momentum and potential of development have been continuously enhanced, especially the overall economic strength and accumulated energy have been increasing, and the inertia of rapid economic growth will remain. With the increase of investment attraction in Shaoyang, urban construction is also in full swing, which also increases the demand for the coating and building materials industry to a certain extent. The increasingly good market prospects have attracted paint brands from all over the country

paint brands converge in Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou

this time, I mainly visited the building materials markets in Shaoyang County, Dongkou county and longhui County under the jurisdiction of Shaoyang, and also mainly visited the building materials city of Hunan, Guangxi and Guizhou and the building materials market of Beita District located in Baoqing East Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang City. Hunan Guangxi Guizhou building materials city is the largest decorative materials market in the city and central Hunan. At present, there are many domestic and foreign paint brands entering the market, mainly including nippon, Dulux, China Resources, classic paint, Bauhinia Flower, Chinese paint, Dabao, Xiangjiang paint, Hualong paint, Kao, bards, sankeshu, meitushi, Jiabaoli, qiansehua, apple paint, Laiwei paint, Xingguan paint, desert oasis, oulong, Alice, Fuxiang, Sanli, etc

it is understood that Shaoyang City plans to rebuild into a regional economic center, transportation center and business center in central and southwestern Hunan by 2015, and basically build a "landscape garden style" city with a population of one million. It is precisely because of the good development prospects of Shaoyang that many paint brands have entered the market. Xiaofaxiang, the general agent of classic paint, told the author, "Shaoyang is a developing city and one of the cities with good prospects for putting the guide sleeve into the paddle hole. The future paint market will be pregnant with infinite business opportunities. As long as you carefully explore it, the market demand can be seen everywhere. Of course, the market is made, not said."

when the author visited Shaoyang market, it was in the off-season of paint sales points. However, in order to attract more customers in the off-season of paint, paint dealers have launched promotional activities, and product concessions and gifts are common means. Nippon specialty store displayed promotional banners of "buy wood paint for 1600 yuan, send a barrel of 5L wall paint Medley", "buy 5L super matte five in one five barrels, send super matte five in one barrels"; Classic paint is also engaged in the activity of "buy 3 and get 1 free"; Jiabaoli launched the promotional activity of "2. When clamping the jaws, you don't put the Jiabaoli paint you are buying, spray it to your home for free..."...

welder hammer of course, it's not just about launching various promotional activities. Sun Xianhua, the general agent of Hualong paint Shaoyang, has his own unique opinion. He believes that it's the best policy to do a good job in distribution, engineering, decoration companies and other channels, and comprehensively drive sales. He also said that as the general agent, the general agent can make money only if "the goods are genuine and give the distributor more profit space" and let the distributor make money

the low-cost industrial chain is not long, and the products monopolize the market.

with the sinking of the channels of coating enterprises, coatings are also forming a prairie fire in the secondary and tertiary markets. However, due to the constraints of underdeveloped economy and other factors, many well-known paint brands have encountered slippery railway in the secondary and tertiary markets. During the visit, the author found that this phenomenon is also common in Shaoyang paint market. The sales volume of many brand paints here is not ideal. On the contrary, those miscellaneous brands with low price and poor quality are more popular, and the price has almost become the decisive factor in this region

a wholesaler who operates several paint brands told the author: on the one hand, some foremen secretly use low price and poor quality paint, even bulk paint, in order to reduce costs and obtain rebates; On the other hand, the consumption level of consumers is limited, and the low price has great appeal to consumers in these areas. They don't know much about paint themselves, and generally follow the advice of painters. Because painters get higher kickbacks when buying non branded coatings, low-cost coatings currently firmly occupy half of the secondary and tertiary markets such as Shaoyang

in addition, the rampant "suspected brands" in Shaoyang also have a great impact on the sales of regular paint brands. During the visit, the author saw fake brands or near brands such as Hong Kong nippon, Hong Kong Dulux, the hometown of China Resources, and the happy capital of China Resources. Xiaohua, general agent of meituxi paint Dongkou, told the author that in Dongkou, it is roughly estimated that the current sales of miscellaneous and fake coatings account for 70%, while the regular coating brands account for only 30%

although the author is greatly shocked by the rampant degree of "suspected brands" in Shaoyang, I also believe that with the gradual improvement of consumers' living standards and the continuous strengthening of the government's supervision of the industry, these "suspected brands" will gradually lose their foothold, and the dealers who will laugh until the end will always be those who operate in good faith and have a sense of society

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