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With the advent of the "low carbon era", the instrumentation industry has ushered in new opportunities

the first forum of the WorldExpo, the low carbon forum, issued the initiative of "low carbon action". With the wonderful presentation of the "low carbon WorldExpo" in front of the world for a long time, the concepts of low carbon and environmental protection have become more and more respected. It should be said that it is expected that the wave of global low-carbon economy is coming rapidly, and low-carbon economy has become a hot issue. The comprehensive force of internal and external factors is pushing China towards the era of low-carbon economy

as an economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions, the concept of "low carbon economy" has become a recognized sustainable development model since it was first proposed in 2003, and is considered to be another major progress of human society after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization. "Low carbon economy" refers to an economic development model under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, through technological progress, new energy development, industrial transformation, institutional innovation and other means, to minimize the consumption of high carbon energy such as coal and oil, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve a win-win situation between economic and social development and ecological environmental protection. Its essence is the efficient utilization of energy, the development of clean energy, and the pursuit of green. G packaging branch has established a new material research center DP. The core is the innovation of energy technology and emission reduction technology, the innovation of industrial structure and system, and the fundamental change of the concept of human survival and development

the supply of upstream raw materials is sufficient, and the low-carbon economy ushers in new opportunities for environmental protection and energy-saving instruments.

for a long time, because the technology is not up to standard, China's environmental protection equipment usually quotes foreign advanced equipment, and the development of domestic equipment is uneven. In order to guide the development direction of the environmental protection industry, relevant departments will focus on encouraging the development, research, production and use of equipment (products) listed in the catalogue in technological innovation and technological transformation projects; Appropriate subsidies will be given to eligible national key projects

Zhang Yanlin, director of CIC, pointed out that clear and complete policy support will play a major role in the development of environmental protection equipment. As a dynamic emerging industry in the machinery industry, environmental protection machinery should be the key development field in the optimization and industrial structure adjustment of China's machinery industry

The report of CIC also predicts that by 2010, the total output value of China's environmental protection industry will reach 880 billion yuan, accounting for about 3.4% of GDP in the same period, and the output value of environmental protection equipment will reach 120billion yuan, accounting for 13.6%. China's environmental protection machinery industry has become a sunrise industry with great development potential

the new R & D direction of the instrument industry

energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and low-carbon economy have become long-term development trends, and the above trends have also driven a number of new industries with rapid development. For example, wind power, nuclear power, intelligent power, high-speed trains and rail transit, these industries have put forward new requirements for instrumentation

in order to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, it is necessary to accurately collect, measure, monitor and analyze energy in real time, and control the load, which requires instruments and meters, especially electric energy measurement instruments and automatic power management system products to have the characteristics of high intelligence, networking and strong reliability

although the products of many instrument suppliers cannot directly produce low-carbon benefits, the suppliers themselves can provide advanced instruments to improve users' production efficiency, improve product quality, monitor emissions, and make contributions to the low-carbon economy

China's instrument and meter industry is still in a relatively weak stage of overall strength. It should be used for automotive HVAC air outlet grille, and pay attention to the improvement of the scientific and technological content of products. Among them, a very important direction is the intellectualization of products. Intelligent industry is not only a low-carbon economy, but also has advanced technology, which is in line with the current overall economic development direction. However, the weakest and most in need of development in the field of intelligence in China is precisely the basic industries such as instruments, meters and sensors. The advance of intelligent industry depends on the progress of basic industries such as production instruments and meters. Therefore, the instrument industry should seize the current opportunity and strive to develop new instrument products required by new industries

at present, some investment companies have extended their tentacles to the intelligent industry and began to invest in the instrument industry. Venture capital funds invest in an enterprise to provide energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, which can achieve the emission reduction target of 40% to 45% for some high emission enterprises proposed by the central government. Once the technology of these basic enterprises can be widely applied to the real economy, no matter it is low-carbon economy, it will develop rapidly

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