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Low carbon and environmental protection, Warburg Pincus will carry out "energy conservation and emission reduction" to the end

ctiforum July 6 news (Yang Yi): the development of world industry, the soaring population, the expansion of human desire, and the uncontrolled production and lifestyle have led to the frequent occurrence of global catastrophic climate, which has seriously endangered the living environment and health and safety of mankind. Water pollution, air pollution, shrinking vegetation, endangered species, river closure, garbage siege, land desertification, ozone hole. As citizens living in the global village, should people sit and wait to die? In order to prevent the arrival of 2012, people in the global village gradually began to choose a lifestyle that is conducive to the environment to treat the earth well. Low carbon, as a life attitude, gradually integrated into the daily life of the general public. A new round of industrial and technological changes represented by green economy and low-carbon technology is also breeding

Since entering the new century, China has made great achievements in economic development, but our environment has also suffered unprecedented damage. In more than 500 cities across the country, many air quality has not reached the first-class standard; At present, nearly 300million farmers in China cannot drink clean water; Noise pollution generally exceeds the standard. According to a cancer, our experimental machine is more accurate after year-round research and detection. Experts pointed out that more than two million people die of cancer in China every year, 70% of which is related to pollution, and air pollution alone causes about 394000 deaths every year. Near worries are unsolved, and long-term considerations are approaching. Due to climate warming, China's sea level rise rate has been higher than the global average rate in the past 50 years. The continuous rise of sea level has caused serious harm to China's society and economy

in fact, economic growth is not simply equal to social progress. The environment is like water - it can carry a boat or capsize it. Without a good ecological environment, there will be no sustainable economic and social development, no improvement in the quality of people's lives, and no great rejuvenation of the whole nation. With the most fragile ecosystem in history, China is bearing the largest population and the strongest development pressure in history. We have only one mother river, which will not come again if it is destroyed. We have only one home, which will not exist if it is lost. With the continuous development of China's economy, the plight of survival caused by environmental degradation has made people gradually realize how important and necessary environmental protection is. In the 21st century, environmental protection behavior shows the quality and upbringing of a citizen, just as environmental quality marks the dignity and strength of a country

low carbon environmental protection is a green signal, which stimulates the business community to explore green technologies; Encourage politicians to pursue the achievements of sustainable development; It also reminds contemporary people to protect the right of future generations to survive. In real life, people practice low-carbon environmental protection in a variety of ways. Some people are keen on planting trees, some insist on climbing buildings, some try to walk, and some refuse to use disposable consumer goods, which brings together strong beliefs. However, it is undoubtedly the best choice to promote the promulgation of the regulations on the administration of rare metals as soon as possible in order to comply with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection while not reducing the quality of life. As the representative of current digital informatization, video communication has become the backbone of using scientific and technological forces to practice low-carbon life

in the composition of low-carbon and environmental protection life, green travel is an indispensable link. Walking is one of the most basic daily activities of people. However, with the advent of urbanization and motorization, the energy consumption and pollution caused by people's travel are also gradually increasing, which is a very adverse change for mankind. Taking the typical vehicle as an example, the atmospheric pollutants contained in its tail gas include carbon monoxide, inhalable particles, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, etc. Volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides are closely related to the formation of photochemical smog, and the acid pollutants emitted by motor vehicles also aggravate the formation of acid rain. These will have a serious negative impact on human health and the ecological environment. According to the relevant statistics of the Ministry of science and technology, the carbon emissions per kilometer of ships are 0.060 kg, trains are 0.062 kg, planes are 0.18 kg and private cars are 2.34 kg. It is not difficult to find that the activities necessary for people's daily life have become a major resistance to low-carbon life

with the continuous advancement of global economic integration, long-distance travel has become the norm of people's life, especially in the business field. Warburg Pincus pursues the green business philosophy of protecting the green earth and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Since its establishment, with a leading, practical and efficient video communication system, it has realized the interactive transmission of images, graphics, sounds, words and other multimedia, so that people can realize remote communication without leaving home, which not only improves the communication efficiency, but also helps users greatly reduce the frequency of travel, and becomes an emissary of energy conservation, emission reduction and green advocacy. In addition to being green to the environment, Warburg Pincus' video communication system also makes enterprise users more energy-saving. For a long time, the expenditure of travel expenses has been a big burden for enterprises. Nowadays, the application of Warburg Pincus' avcon video communication system can significantly reduce the travel expenses of enterprises and allow enterprises to play a greater role in cost investment

energy conservation and emission reduction is not a simple buzzword, but a strategic choice related to the future survival and development of mankind. Low carbon life is the bounden duty of people on earth. As data, Warburg Pincus shares: after the experiment, a corporate citizen takes the responsibility of undertaking society and promoting the coordinated development of economy and social environment, and is determined to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction to the end. To protect the earth, save the future and share the clear water and blue sky, Huaping invites you to go with us

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