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The low-carbon industrial chain will lead to the rise of nuclear power and photovoltaic industry in the world or benefit from it. From December 7 to December 18, 192 national leaders will hold a two-week climate change conference in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. We expect that a framework agreement on global emission reduction is expected to be reached at this conference

if a better emission reduction agreement is reached at the Copenhagen conference, the low-carbon economy industrial chain will rise in the world

we are more optimistic about nuclear power, photovoltaic, smart electricity, new energy powered vehicles, IGCC (integrated coal gasification combined cycle power generation system) in the low-carbon economy industrial chain

nuclear power is the most stable and profitable new energy with great potential. At present, the installed capacity of China's nuclear power is 9.06 million KW. It is estimated that by 2020, the installed capacity of China's nuclear power operation will reach 70million kW, and 30million kW is under construction, an increase of about 10 times in 10 years

the high barrier of nuclear power industry enables relevant listed companies to fully enjoy the benefits brought by the development of the industry. We are optimistic about large nuclear power equipment manufacturers and leading enterprises in the nuclear power industry that strictly control the temperature of each heating section of the barrel, such as Dongfang Electric (600875), Hailu heavy industry (002255), China Nuclear Technology (000777) and BaoTi (600456)

as far as the photovoltaic industry is concerned, 50% and 90% of the damage of mechanical parts is at the stage of fatigue damage, and the start of the local market will be the key factor for its development

relatively speaking, we are optimistic about Tianwei baobian (600550) and aerospace electromechanical (600151) with optoelectronic integrated industrial chain, as well as Jinjing Technology (600586), Jiangsu Guotai (002091) and Shanshan shares (600884) with first mover advantages in the fine molecule industry

in terms of smart electricity, we must pay attention to the rhythm of investment. Smart electricity includes five links: power generation, transformation, transmission, distribution and power consumption. We believe that the four links of UHV, flexible transmission, digital substation and smart meter will benefit from smart electricity investment first

listed companies worthy of attention include TBEA (600089), Rongxin (002123), Guodian Nari (600406), Changyuan group (600525), Kelu Electronics (002121)

in terms of new energy powered vehicles, the government will spare no effort to promote the development of new energy powered vehicles, and the focus of future policies will be on consumption subsidies and the promotion of key technologies

the new energy vehicle industry chain includes mineral resources, battery material components and modules, etc. Companies worthy of attention include Tibet Mining (000762), fosu (000973), keliyuan (600478), SAIC Motor (600104) and Yutong Bus (600066)

igcc is the most promising clean coal power generation technology. IGCC has obvious advantages in cycle efficiency, waste utilization, carbon emission reduction, water saving, etc., and is most likely to become the mainstream of clean coal power generation technology. The main equipment of IGCC includes gasifier, air separation furnace, gas purification device, waste heat boiler, gas turbine, etc. Relevant listed companies include Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric (601727), Hailu heavy industry, Keda electromechanical (600499), Huaguang (600475) and Tianke (install the corresponding jaws into the upper and lower jaw seats 600378)

it is noteworthy that if China shows a high attitude at the Copenhagen conference, it can be expected to enter the intensive release period of new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction policies in the first half of next year. These policies will bring positive incentives to the fundamentals of relevant listed companies, and the valuation level is expected to improve

investing in low-carbon economy, maybe now is the sowing time. (editor's note: Premier Wen Jiabao chaired the executive meeting of the State Council on the 25th, which set the action goals for China to control greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, and put forward corresponding policy measures and actions, such as strengthening the R & D and industrialization of low-carbon and zero carbon technologies such as energy conservation, energy efficiency improvement, clean coal, renewable energy, advanced nuclear energy, carbon capture, utilization and storage.

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