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Recently, China industry news learned from Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd that the company's "low frequency noise source control technology for vertical waste heat boilers in gas-fired power plants" won the first prize of 2017 Huadian Group Science and technology progress award, and the complete set of equipment was listed in the Ministry of industry and information technology According to the catalogue of major environmental protection technology and equipment encouraged by the state (2017) jointly issued by the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of environmental protection, Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is listed as the only supporting unit of environmental protection technology and equipment

as a leading domestic and internationally renowned provider of high-tech engineering system solutions, Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has entered the field of industrial noise control across fields, carried out research and development of power plant noise control technology, and achieved a number of scientific research achievements. In particular, it has successfully developed low-frequency noise source control technology for vertical waste heat boilers in gas-fired power plants in more than four years, It completely solves the problem of low-frequency noise pollution of waste heat boiler equipment in gas-fired power plants. This technology allows large waste heat boilers placed in the open air of power plants to quietly serve everyone

set foot in the field of noise control in order to overcome difficulties

Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has always been specialized in building large-scale gas-fired power plants and natural gas distributed power plants, and this time set foot in the field of noise control because of the difficulties encountered in the development of gas-fired power plants

six years ago, Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. encountered a thorny project. Shanghai Fengxian power plant needs to carry out phase II expansion. However, according to the planning of Shanghai, Nanqiao new city with one million people will be built on the surrounding open farmland. According to the requirements of Shanghai environmental impact assessment approval, the noise control and transformation of Fengxian phase I must be carried out with the new taking the old, and the low-frequency noise emitted by the original four 60 meter high waste heat boilers in Fengxian phase I has become a difficulty in the replacement and treatment of auto parts, The owner consulted a number of large enterprises and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, which could not be solved

after receiving the urgent needs of customers, the technical team of Huadian heavy industry, which has been focusing on the construction of power plant technology, is facing a new test this time. According to the traditional treatment method, the waste heat boiler needs to be "dressed and capped", the original boiler needs to be completely enclosed, and the chimney muffler is installed on the chimney, so the original foundation and steel structure must be reinforced; However, due to the narrow surrounding space of the waste heat boiler and the complex underground pipelines, the actual construction site is full of difficulties, and the original foundation cannot be reinforced. Moreover, due to the high noise value of the waste heat boiler, high low-frequency noise components, long noise waves, slow attenuation, and great impact on residents, the low-frequency noise cannot be solved by other methods, so the noise control of the waste heat boiler of Fengxian power plant has become an engineering problem

under the condition that the traditional way of noise reduction is completely impractical, Huadian heavy industry put forward a bold idea - "source noise technical control", that is to say, first accurately find out where the noise is emitted and then remove the noise

through analysis and comparison, after excluding the possibility of the vibration of the outer wall of the waste heat boiler and the vibration of components, the R & D team finally put forward an unprecedented theoretical assumption - the noise generated by the air flow in the waste heat boiler cavity

this bold idea was soon confirmed by experiments. The noise generated by gas flow in the waste heat boiler wall is consistent with the frequency of noise measured outside. That is to say, we finally found the source of the noise - the flow of smoke

at that time, the research on noise reduction measures in the furnace was still blank. Moreover, the noise characteristics in the waste heat boiler have not been clarified. In particular, there is a lack of in-depth and systematic research on the mechanism of waste heat boiler noise and the cause analysis of low-frequency noise

zhaoyingjiu, deputy general manager of the steel structure engineering division of Huadian heavy industry, recalled that the R & D process was difficult

the source control device finally solves the problem

the method is always more difficult. Through the unremitting research and development of the R & D team, a smart equipment should be shipped out. The complete set of low-frequency noise source control device of the gas power plant is successful. 3: Base: the hydraulic cylinder is installed on the base. In March 2016, this technology combined with the noise control and transformation needs of Shanghai Fengxian Power Plant Phase I vertical waste heat boiler, the first boiler was successfully transformed only three months later, and the other three boilers were also transformed in November 2016

according to the person in charge of Shanghai Fengxian power plant, the noise control of Fengxian power plant completed by Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is very successful. Now whether Fengxian power plant starts up depends on the sound. It needs to be judged by whether the chimney is smoking. The noise in the plant is less than 50 dB, that is to say, the sound of machine operation me ⑵ 500 series compounds with the same density as EPDM can hardly be heard in the plant

the fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys. The success of "low frequency noise source control technology of vertical waste heat boiler in gas power plant" was quickly recognized by users. At present, Huadian heavy industry has completed and is implementing more than 40 power plant noise control projects, and 9 noise environmental protection acceptance projects have been completed

on December 6, 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology hosted a scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting in Shanghai. This is the first ministerial scientific and technological achievements appraisal conducted by the Ministry of industry and information technology in the field of noise control. The appraisal committee agreed that this technology has filled the technical gap in this field in the world and reached the international leading level

Huadian heavy industry has applied for 21 patents and authorized 14 patents, including 9 invention patents and 5 authorized invention patents; The low-frequency noise generation mechanism analysis technology of gas-fired power plant vertical waste heat boiler studied in this topic was publicized at the ise, the international top acoustic academic conference, and was highly praised by acoustic experts at home and abroad

anti noise technology has a broad market prospect

with the demand of energy and environmental protection, gas-fired distributed energy power plants are more and more widely distributed, and noise control technology will be more in demand

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the state adjusted the direction of industrial development, accelerated the construction of gas-fired distributed energy projects and peak shaving power stations, and the installed capacity of gas and electricity reached 110 million KW, accounting for 10%. At present, the installed capacity of natural gas power generation in China accounts for 4.25%, which is far lower than that of developed countries

in 2017, Huadian Group approved 10.49 million kw of power projects, 6.52 million kw of heavy-duty gas turbine and natural gas distribution projects, 2.35 million kw of production, and 14.32 million kw of installed capacity. In 2020, the installed capacity of natural gas power generation will reach 24.5 million KW, including 18.6 million kw of gas turbine and 5.9 million kw of gas distribution. Huadian Group and Ge Corporation of the United States jointly established "Huadian general light gas turbine equipment Co., Ltd." which mainly produces lm2500 and lm6000 "aviation modified gas turbines", making the distributed energy project more powerful on the whole

Huadian heavy industry has developed a number of noise control technologies in the noise control of building gas distributed energy stations. In the central garden of Huadian Industrial Park, there are two pyramid glass structures with a height of more than 1 meter, which are not only beautiful in shape and decoration, but also have the function of anti pressure and explosion relief. Just below this glass landscape, there are two sets of small distributed energy generating units. The power generation technology of these two sets of mini equipment is world-leading, and they are composed of Ge yanbach, lithium bromide units, direct fired turbines and other equipment. The distributed energy power station can not only supply heat Cooling also ensures all the energy needs of 270000 square meters of buildings nearby, and the comprehensive energy efficiency utilization has reached more than 80%. These two sets of small distributed energy devices are only 10 meters away from the nearest office building, so the production of blow molding machines constitutes big data. There is no sound near. They are hidden in the center of flowers and plants, and there is no power generation equipment below

if the equipment does not use anti noise technology, the noise generated by this set of distributed energy after it is put into use will make people in the office building unbearable. Anti noise technology enables the practical application of gas distributed energy equipment

when the power generation equipment is close to the area used by users, reducing noise has become an important link in the operation of power plants. "Next, the research and development work based on the" noise source control technology "will be extended to more energy fields." Zhao Yingjiu told Huadian heavy industry that the key technology of efficient and environmental friendly mechanical ventilation cooling tower is in the research and development stage. In order to solve the noise problem, Huadian heavy industry and the University of Hong Kong jointly established the "Huadian heavy industry - Research Center for industrial noise control of the University of Hong Kong"

in the future, Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will establish the most comprehensive noise source database of gas-fired power plants in China. At present, it contains the equipment noise data of more than 40 power plants, covering the equipment noise of 9E and 9F heavy-duty gas turbine power plants and building, regional and distributed energy stations, including the noise of gas turbines, internal combustion engines, steam turbines, boilers, water pumps, motors, cooling towers, transformers, superchargers, all kinds of fans, etc. The database will guide the research and development of new products and technologies; Study the technology of using equipment noise for fault early warning

overall solution expert

the business of Huadian heavy industry involves power, petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, construction, transportation and other fields. The power industry mainly includes distributed energy stations, gas-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants and diesel power plants. Based on the technical advantages of multi disciplines in the field of power engineering, Huadian heavy industry can provide better system solutions for the overall planning of power engineering and create a more humanized green factory. At present, "turnkey project" has become one of the main businesses of Huadian heavy industry, providing customers with professional, scientific, cost-effective overall solutions for noise control and high-quality noise control products, and implementing integrated services from on-site testing, consulting, scheme design, construction drawing design, product design and manufacturing, installation, commissioning and acceptance

Shanghai Huadian Fengxian Nanqiao new city energy center project adopts the integrated design technology of noise control and building structure, and the designer comprehensively considers the buildings, greening and other factors of the whole plant; Integrated design, study the architectural effect of absorption/isolation/elimination, and directly achieve the design technology of deindustrialization. From the outside, you can't see that this is a power plant, but a modern office area shaded by green trees. The project won one second prize and three third prizes of the scientific and technological progress award of China Electricity Construction Association, and won the 2016-2017 National Quality Engineering Award

Zhao Yingjiu told that the company's R & D team has more than 60 people, consisting of R & D personnel from more than 10 disciplines. The interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary joint design will create a more perfect factory

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