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Low carbon technology leads the transformation of power equipment manufacturing industry

by 2020, non fossil energy will account for 15% of primary energy consumption. Low carbon economy puts forward new requirements for China's power equipment manufacturing industry, especially power generation equipment

the equipment manufacturing industry itself accounts for a small proportion of energy consumption and resource consumption, but its products are large energy consumers. Power generation equipment and industrial boilers are two major coal consumers, and their equipment is produced in the equipment manufacturing industry. Relevant data show that the energy consumption of power generation equipment and boilers accounts for two-thirds of China's energy consumption, among which the industrial boilers produced by the equipment manufacturing industry are significantly higher than the international coal consumption level

according to statistics, the power consumption of 21 kinds of mechanical and electrical products, such as fans, motors, water pumps, transformers, electric welding machines, electric furnaces, etc., accounts for 70% of the national power consumption; The coal consumption of power generation equipment and industrial boilers accounts for one third respectively; Micro gas turbine consumes 60% of China's oil resources. Coal, oil and electricity, both primary and secondary energy, are consumed by products provided by the equipment manufacturing industry. Due to large consumption and high carbon emissions, it is particularly important for the power equipment manufacturing industry to provide products with low energy consumption

in recent years, China's thermal power units have changed the image of high energy consumption and high pollution in the past. All new power plants have been equipped with desulfurization devices, and the existing power plants have strengthened desulfurization transformation. By the end of 2008, the operating capacity of flue gas desulfurization units in thermal power plants across the country had reached 363million kW, accounting for 200% of the national thermal power unit capacity. That is to use the energy difference before and after the pendulum impact sample to confirm the toughness, live brittleness of the sample It is characterized by strong impact, short effect time, and rapid transformation from 48% in 7 years to 60.4%. At the same time, some large thermal power plants have also installed denitration devices. In addition, the application of dust removal, power station air cooling and other technologies in thermal power plants is also increasing. For example, the power plant of Shenhua Guohua Electric Power Co., Ltd. that has been operated has an electrostatic precipitator allocation rate of 100%, a desulfurization unit capacity ratio of 96%, and a denitration unit capacity ratio of 15%

reducing resource consumption and pollution is the most direct route to a low-carbon economy. In the production process, the equipment manufacturing industry itself needs to use some technical means to ensure the consumption and waste in the production process

after the combustion of power generation equipment, the experimental speed can be adjusted in a wide range (0.01 (5) 0mm/min). The experimental process is stable and efficient. How can the waste heat be reused from steelmaking and boiler emissions? Providing comprehensive resource utilization equipment and environmental protection terminal treatment and recycling equipment is the way to reduce consumption. He Hongwei pointed to building 11, which has adopted the third-generation steel structure technology

it is reported that collecting and reusing the gas, waste heat and other wastes emitted by 10million tons of steel plants every year can drive 600000 kW power plants; Steel scrap from steel mills can be powdered into cement, which can change into 3million tons of cement; Naturally, the equipment for comprehensive utilization of these resources is also provided by the equipment manufacturing industry

in addition to ultra (supercritical) power generation technology, integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power generation system, carbon capture and other technologies are also the main weapons in the field of power generation to deal with climate change

integrated coal gasification combined cycle power generation is a new and efficient clean coal power generation technology in the world. It is a power generation technology that combines coal gasification, purification and gas steam combined cycle power generation. Integrated coal gasification combined cycle power generation can not only achieve near zero carbon emissions, but also has high power generation efficiency, with a net efficiency of 43% - 45%. If cogeneration is implemented, its energy utilization rate can reach more than 70%. In addition, integrated coal gasification combined cycle power generation also has the advantages of less pollutant emissions, which can form a polygeneration system

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