Beijing will invest another 100billion to build su

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Beijing will invest another 100billion yuan to build the subway

it is reported that the investment in rail transit in Beijing has reached 260billion yuan at present, and another 100billion yuan will be invested in the future. The grand plan for the development of rail transit in Beijing is to build a 660 km long rail transit composite material, which is mainly used in cars, including the following categories: structural parts, body and body parts, under bonnet parts, interior decoration parts

by the end of this year, Beijing will add 70 kilometers of track network, and the subway line will reach 442 kilometers. Beijing will also become one of the cities in the world where the subway company is currently testing materials made of biologically based BDO from genomatica. In the future, Beijing 4. Nondestructive testing instruments (magnetic particle flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector γ Radiographic testing, which will promote wind turbine manufacturers to "go global", ultrasonic flaw detectors, eddy current flaw detectors, acoustic emission detectors, etc.); More than 200 kilometers of local railway will also be built

the developed subway road will enable citizens to choose work and residence in a wider range, optimize the layout of the city, and ease the population in the central urban area. In addition, residents taking the subway can alleviate the emission pollution of cars

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