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Several months ago, Spain’s employment minister, Yolanda Díaz, suggested that there would not be a reactivation of tourism until the end of the year. The tourism industry was horrified. It took umbrage at what it perceived to be another pronouncement by a Unidas Podemos politician that undermined the industry.

As things have turned out, Díaz was wrong on two countsThere will be no breaks and it will run continuously with people taking turns,. There was a reactivation – partial, short-lived – and we are now at the end of the year with tourism at a virtual standstill. If nothing else, experience over the past months should have convinced politicians and others that predictions regarding tourism are futile. The circumstances changed rapidly over the summer and they continue to change rapidly.

As well as pointless forecasts, there is the shambles of regulation. If any more proof were required of the chaotic situations that have arisen, we need look no further than at what has been happening in the Canaries. The regional government, desperate to ensure its high seasonThe original appointments, said a statement Tuesday from York Region., decreed that rapid antigen tests (with negative results) would be permissible for foreign tourists entering the islands. The justification for this decree was that the government in the Canaries maintained that it has powers to determine travel regulations under the terms of the current state of alarm’s devolved responsibilitiesis permitted for permanent residents in Atlantic Canada. Atlantic residents who are fully or partially vaccinated won. Meanwhile, for foreign tourists arriving anywhere else in Spain, a negative PCR test result is required; the Spanish government has said so.

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