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After buying ceramic tiles, consumers often hope to achieve an ideal laying effect, and how much is the decoration and tiling cost per square meter in the market? Maybe you don't know very well. In fact, the charges are different in every place. Generally speaking, economically developed areas need 30 ~ 45 yuan, and the Central Plains area is about 10 ~ 20 yuan. According to the economic situation of the city. Now let's talk about how much it costs to decorate tiles for one square meter

how much is the decoration tiling per square meter

the price of tiling varies from place to place. The difficulty of tiling, whether to mosaic, the size of tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles also differ greatly in price. The most common one is about 28 yuan per square meter

Hangzhou: the 35 tooling for home decoration will be lower, with a minimum of 35 per square meter. Those with better workmanship may charge 40, but the mainstream is still 35

Beijing: generally, half a bag is around 40. Among them, labor 24 Handling 3 Cement and sand 8 profit 5 yuan

Nanyang: about 15 yuan

Handan: about 20 yuan

Liuzhou: about 18 yuan

decoration and tiling skills

first of all, before laying, you should first look at the instructions of ceramic tiles in detail, because many ceramic tiles look the same, but they are actually different. See the model, grade, size and color number of ceramic tiles

before laying ceramic tiles, we should first deal with the flatness of the ground. Generally, when laying, we need to add some cement and other problems or things on the ground, so we must feel a little sticky when doing it. When using cement, one person may use different products than another, but I still recommend that you use 325 cement, because this cement has a good effect

in addition, when laying, we should leave some small gaps between each piece. This gap needs to be adjusted, because we need to make a general plan to integrate the results of decoration

try to choose experienced people when choosing tile laying workers, because such people may lay tens of thousands of square meters every year. These people are masters of laying. Moreover, for customers and individuals, our owners need cement. They all know that cheaper cement can be bought there, and the tiles we chose when buying tiles were good, Second, whether the overall effect of ceramic tiles plays a very important role in the interior decoration effect

Xiaobian conclusion: This is the general introduction of the above information about how much is a square meter of decoration tiles. For more home decoration knowledge, please pay attention to the information




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