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Nowadays, the door and window industry is a sunrise industry. Many investors see this business opportunity and invest in the door and window industry one after another, which leads to fierce competition in the door and window market. Whether the business of franchise stores for doors and windows is good or not, it is important to choose a good manufacturer, but its own business problems cannot be ignored

why other people can do well in the same door and window brand, and why they can't do well by themselves? Blame the market, blame the network, and so on. We should start from ourselves

1. Dress too much casually

the decoration of some door and window stores and the wearing of shopping guides are the impression of customers, especially the wearing and dressing of personnel. Poorly dressed and tasteless shopping guides seem to make customers feel unprofessional, and then feel that there will be no good service and professionalism

2. The words are too old to be round

it is irresponsible to make sure and make hasty promises. Customers can see, hear and feel it. Don't treat customers as fools or wrongdoers. Don't think customers are not good at it. Many of today's customers come from shopping around and still do a good job in professional commodity common sense and service. Standardized and honest service attitude and statement are the embodiment of customers' love

3. Misuse the director discount method

when many door and window stores sell, they like to use the director discount method; Attract customers. But now many customers know this trick, so the effect is relatively poor. A good way is still to answer the customer's questions honestly and answer the product test and feeling demonstration

4. It's either too much or cold

some clerks ignore or even use customers who seem to have no purchasing ability; Can you afford it? Looking at the customers, which caused a very bad impact. Of course, there is another kind of just the opposite, which frightens customers like villagers who have been away for many years; It's better to run quickly

5. Greeting is the basic courtesy

when some door and window stores are training, they should inform the shopping guide not to be too enthusiastic to say hello to the customers, let the customers choose and shop by themselves, and don't disturb the customers. In fact, that's wrong. Enthusiastic greeting and appropriate shopping guidance are the necessary professional tips and basic courtesy of professional shopping guides, and also a manifestation of respect for customers, which makes customers feel warm-hearted, It is what customers need and what we want to achieve

6. Don't understand customers' consumption psychology

understanding customers' needs and being satisfied with customers' needs is the fundamental selling technology of shopping guide, not the old king selling melons and boasting;. Understand customers' needs, find out their own commodity advantages, contact excellent shopping tips to meet customers' needs

7. One question and three unknowns

the professional level of the shopping guide is slow, and the selling tips are not good. Even one question and three unknowns usually simply give the customer a feeling of distrust

8. Poor processing ability and skills

customers complain that they are not handled in time, which is equivalent to driving away customers. Customer complaint tips are as important as selling tips. Catch a complaining customer and win ten referrals; Losing a complaining customer will add ten propagandists to help you with negative information


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