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Zhongheng pipeline: Shuntong floor heating products:

1 Light weight - convenient for transportation and installation

2. Flexibility - bending modulus is 550MPa, which has good flexibility. When PE-RT pipes are constructed (especially in winter), they can be bent without special tools or heating, so the processing cost is relatively low, and the internal stress produced by bending is relatively low, which has little impact on the service life of pipes. At the same time, because the pipe is soft, the floor heating pipe is easy to fix, and the requirements for the barbed wire for fixing the pipe are relatively low, which can save costs. Products can be supplied by coil

3. Thermal conductivity -- the thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.40w/m ・ K, with excellent thermal conductivity, which is suitable for floor heating pipes

4. Low temperature impact resistance -- it can still maintain high elasticity at low temperature. During winter construction, the pipes are not easy to be impacted and broken, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangement

5. Environmental protection -- it can be recycled without polluting the environment. There will be no secondary pollution

6. Stability of processing performance -- there are no problems such as controlling the uniformity of crosslinking. Simple processing technology makes the product have stable pipe properties

7. Long service life - it has good environmental adaptability, good chemical corrosion resistance, and the normal service life of the floor heating pipeline is more than 50 years

8. Reliable connection mode -- it can be hot-melt connected, so as to form a completely closed anti-seepage system. The connection is convenient and firm

9. Hygienic performance -- non toxic, tasteless, good hygienic performance

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