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High grade office furniture refers to furniture used for handling and performing duties with rare and expensive materials, first-class design and comfortable experience. At present, high-end office furniture is only an abstract concept, and there is no real unified standard. It can be called high-end office furniture if it meets this standard. The following editor will introduce the brand ranking of high-end office furniture and how to choose high-end office furniture

brand ranking of high-end office furniture

1. Humon

Shanghai humon Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the production of medium and high-end office furniture, providing one-stop services for design, production, transportation, installation and decoration construction. The company breaks through the traditional design concept, combines Chinese and western, integrates ancient and modern, and has won unanimous praise for its unique, novel, concise and fashionable design style, coupled with advanced equipment, strictly controlling quality and cost, and providing high-quality and perfect five-year free tracking and maintenance services. The products mainly include office furniture screen series, office desks and chairs series, sofa coffee table series, conference table series, file cabinet series, etc

2. Hengge

Hengge office furniture is a modern enterprise integrating the production and sales of high-end office furniture. It mainly produces and sells large class tables, conference tables, screen partitions, office desks, seats, sofas, file cabinets and other products. Hengge office furniture adopts people with many years of design experience to design a simple and fashionable office environment for each office. Hengge office furniture is very careful in the production process, producing batches of environmentally friendly and high-quality high-end office furniture for everyone

3. Smart

smart high-end office furniture company is specialized in the design and planning of modern office space. The company has been established for many years and has great economic strength. Now we introduce the latest foreign production equipment, keep improving, focus on the completion of every detail of the product, and provide customers with a customized noble experience. The products are aimed at humanity, efficiency and low carbon, highlight the characteristics of each product incisively and vividly and interpret the old products skillfully, provide the best design for each office, and perfectly create a personalized office space for customers

4. Boda

Chengdu Boda Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-end office furniture integrating R & D, design, production and sales services. The company's products are designed according to the characteristics of ergonomics, the whole and sense of force first, and then based on high-quality raw materials. The strict requirements of Seiko production, modern management and quality inspection at all levels have won the trust of customers. The main products include: desk, screen (partition), large desk, staff chair, high compartment and other series

5. Superior office furniture is one of the large enterprises specializing in the design and manufacture of office environment and office furniture. Superior office furniture combines the traditional furniture manufacturing with the international trend to create its own brand products. Superior office furniture not only introduces its own products to customers, but also carefully introduces the comprehensive maintenance knowledge of relevant products to customers. After the product is sold, superior office furniture will send special personnel to track the product, which has won the trust of a large number of consumers in such high-quality service

how to choose high-end office furniture

first, solid wood office furniture made of natural solid wood plates is the highest grade

second, furniture products made of non precious boards such as fiberboard and particleboard as the main substrate. This series of materials belong to the level of medium and high-end office furniture

III. furniture products made of synthetic wood materials such as artificial boards (such as MFC boards, medium density boards, etc.) as the main substrate are of medium grade

IV. other materials are non wood materials with high and low quality, such as painted glass, aluminum alloy, cold rolling, steel plate, fabric, etc., which should be judged according to the scarcity of the material itself. In terms of leather materials, leather is generally regarded as the priority, followed by Western leather

editor's summary: This is about the brand ranking of high-end office furniture and how to choose high-end office furniture. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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