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Tips for garbage classification publicity in No. 22 middle school release date: Source: Three Gorges business daily how to remember garbage classification? How can teachers and students actively participate in waste classification? Yichang No. 22 middle school has its own tricks in solving the problem of garbage classification publicity

this semester, the school began to implement waste classification. They found that waste classification can not only rely on the propaganda and indoctrination of the difficult rise in the price of simple raw materials, but also let everyone interact. After some brainstorming, the simulated garbage classification practice was in full swing among the teachers. The garbage identification card made of waste paper became the teachers' professional teaching aids. It was fun and professional to learn and compete

the students are not willing to fall behind, so they select garbage classification knowledge, arrange and perform the crosstalk program who is garbage and who is treasure, "You and I should not make a big fuss about garbage classification. We should not recognize miscellaneous things in blue, red, green and black. Ecological civilization depends on everyone..." these grounding, interesting and fun garbage classification publicity tips have been highly praised by teachers and students for their thermal stability and heat resistance

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