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Use skills and precautions of plate sander

1. The sanding machine for finishing is usually only used to grind off a small amount of workpiece surface. Its purpose is to finish the workpiece surface. The grinding quality depends on the large dialysis device and the water and electricity consumption depends on the pressure, but do not press the sanding machine too hard for grinding. Unnecessary excessive force will only quickly damage the sandpaper and shorten the service life of the sander

2. Do not start the sanding machine without sandpaper, because it will seriously damage the grinding disc

3. Please do not cover the ventilation hole with your palm or fingers during operation

4. If a layer of cloth is wrapped on the sandpaper surface of the grinding disc, it can be used for very detailed grinding, which is also the standard to judge the accuracy of the spring testing machine, such as polishing the surface of furniture or other fine and smooth surfaces

5. The size of the sand paper used is just enough to replace the large piece of sand paper (standard size 228mm × 280mm), divided into 3 equal sheets. Please always provide us with reliable data to support the selection of abrasive paper with the most appropriate abrasive size for our work. Coarse sand paper with a particle size of 60, medium sand paper with a particle size of 100, and fine sand paper with a particle size of 150

6. Pull out the clamping rod and pull it up slightly, insert one end of the prepared sandpaper into the clamping opening, wrap the sandpaper through the grinding plate, and clamp the other end in the clamping opening at the other end of the grinding plate in the same way (before inserting the clamping opening, if the sandpaper can be bent in advance, it is easy to install). After clamping the sandpaper, push the clamping rod back to its original position. After installation, please check whether the clamping opening is properly clamped. When grinding without clamping the sandpaper, uniform and complete sanding effect will not be obtained

precautions for flat sanding machine

1. Before starting up, check whether the screws at all parts are loose and whether the cable plug is damaged

2. The sandpaper shall be installed flat and clamped without loosening

3. Start the machine and run it without load for 1min, and check whether the spark is normal. If ring fire and motor jitter are found. If the rotating speed drops obviously and there is abnormal noise, stop using it immediately

4. The sander should be used in a dry, clean environment without corrosive gases

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