Tips for car maintenance after the hottest rain

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Notice on car maintenance after rain. I'll regret it if I don't read it

with the advent of summer, most areas will enter the rainy season. Friends with cars may still be happy for nature's "free car washers", completely unaware of the damage that rain has brought to our car. Next, I'd like to give you some suggestions for maintenance after rain. If you need to keep the functions that will be covered up, you can refer to them

1. Lamp water leakage

for the phenomenon of lamp water leakage, I believe many people will ignore this detail. For some vehicles that have been used for a long time, the waterproof measures of the lamp have been aging, causing rainwater infiltration and blurring the lamp. The car lamp is the eye of the car. It plays a very important role whether at night or in rainy weather. Therefore, the car lamp must be checked after the rain

2. Chassis care

it can be said that the chassis is the closest part to the ground. Whether it is splashed stones or dirty water, it will cause great damage and corrosion to the chassis. The wheels and brake discs can only be damaged by stretching rather than by turning off the mixing switch, cooling switch and power switch in sequence. In rainy days, it is difficult to find whether there are sharp objects on the bundles that affect the safety of the tires. If the rain on the brake discs cannot be cleaned in time, it will only cause more and more rust

3. Statistical cleaning of body cleaning from lithium batteries of advanced engineering

never think that rain can help us clean the body, and the dirt on the car will be washed into small cracks by rain, which will not only affect the appearance of the car, but also cause certain damage to the car over time. So don't be lazy after the heavy rain. You'd better do a good maintenance for your car

4. Damage of rainwater to paint surface

now most areas are under acid rain, and this kind of rain will bring irreparable damage to the paint surface if it contacts with the paint on the vehicle

5. Sunroof maintenance

the sunroof is used for daylighting and viewing. In rainy days, it is easy to turn into a "water curtain hole". Therefore, after the rain, be sure to remove the dirt from the sunroof sealing strip, and carefully check whether there is deformation or gap to avoid water leakage into the vehicle

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