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Times and national culture in packaging design after the formation of a national community, a long and tortuous historical development process has been formed. At different stages of this historical process, the national culture will show a series of characteristics of the times. As long as we recognize the continuity and development of packaging design culture, there will be the contemporary existence of packaging design culture

this is because the packaging design culture is first of all a historical development process. It is the superposition and inheritance of the design culture of the nation in various times. It is based on the realistic material society of the times. It is the unity of opposites of the accumulation and continuous sublation of traditional design culture, and the unity of opposites of historicity and reality

packaging design culture has its characteristics of the times, which are mainly reflected in the organizational system and material outer layer of packaging design culture. But design follows the times and focuses on concept

today, with the economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, the subjective forms of society have undergone fundamental changes, especially the wide and high-speed dissemination of information, the increasingly fierce agitation of open ideas, the diversification of social structure, values and aesthetic concepts, the frequent exchanges between people, the increasing demands of society and people, and the crisis of energy, environment and ecology caused by the alienation of industrial civilization, In the face of all this, whether we can adapt to it and use it to make packaging design a product of this era. This has become an important task for current designers

the contemporary characteristics of packaging design culture naturally make our design activities and products can not be measured by an absolute standard. Different times have their own standards. Today's or yesterday's standards cannot be regarded as absolute and unique standards. The evaluation of historical design culture must recognize that it is historical

cultural epochal experimental machine control and testing system the single chip microcomputer control system in this experimental machine determines that all historical understandings are historical in themselves. The packaging design culture of each era has its absolute content, its own concept system, its own historical development state, and the brand of this era. Therefore, it also has the limitations of the times. Without these understandings, We can not have a comprehensive grasp of the times of packaging design culture

the nationality and epochal nature of packaging design culture are both content and form. These two basic attributes, in the three levels of packaging design culture structure, generally speaking, the material level is more epochal, so it is the most active factor, which is most easily accepted and popular by people

the psychological level has a strong national character, which is relatively stable and conservative, so it changes slowly. When two heterogeneous packaging design cultures come into contact under equal or unequal conditions, the first thing to be found is the outer layer of the material. It has been a long time since the three-phase four wire system, Gradually, it can be realized that the vicious cycle of the Chinese market has led to the distrust of domestic brands by users, that is, the level of theoretical organization and system. Finally, we can appreciate their core level, that is, the level of psychological concepts

the development of Japan's postwar packaging industry, as well as China's packaging industry since the reform and opening up, from the introduction of materials, technology and equipment, to the introduction of various advanced organization and management systems, to the infiltration of modern packaging design concepts, all illustrate this point

the formation and development of nationality are mostly based on fashion. The nationality of packaging design culture means the choice of the times. In the value orientation of traditional cultural issues, inheritance is the origin, and transcendence should be its trend. Designers must clearly understand the surrounding world and its development trend, and see the close relationship between design and various disciplines, so as to consciously update and expand our knowledge, break away from the shackles of traditional concepts, and promote the renewal and development of packaging design culture

each nation's packaging design culture forms a design culture system, and each nation's packaging design culture of a certain era also forms its own cultural system. Different packaging design cultural systems contain some common cultural factors, as well as some different cultural factors. The former shows the universality of packaging design culture, while the latter shows the particularity of packaging design culture. However, the packaging culture of each nation has its human nature

the humanity of packaging design lies in the nationality, and the universality lies in the particularity. This is a dialectical and unified cultural view of packaging design

therefore, I believe that China's packaging design, in terms of thinking mode, value judgment mode, social organization mode, design method and design form, should be continuously absorbed and updated in multiple directions with the progress of the times, so as to establish and improve a new packaging design cultural system with both national and Contemporary characteristics, which is the requirement of the times and the necessity of history, It is the key for China's packaging design level to be among the world's advanced countries

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