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Tips for composing newspapers with Feiteng typesetting software (II)

● when composing irregular text blocks, be sure to set the irregular graphics drawn with the graphic tool as the typesetting path attribute, otherwise, the text will not be discharged into the irregular graphics at all

● during typesetting, the direction of text block typesetting must be correct. For horizontal typesetting, it should be arranged in the order of left to right, while for vertical typesetting, it should be arranged in the order of right to left. Vertical typesetting should be used as little as possible in a newspaper page. When adding a title to the body block, we should also pay attention to whether the text is standardized after adding the title, otherwise, it will seriously affect the reading of readers

● the line spacing and word spacing of the text should be set according to the requirements of the newspaper version, and must be unified. The word spacing and line spacing of the text are unified. The text of the rows and columns between the articles in the whole page is neat. In operation, under no circumstances should you arbitrarily change the line spacing and word spacing of an article or some paragraphs in an article. The layout of advertisements can be adjusted by changing line spacing and word spacing according to the size of layout space and the needs of layout

● in the layout, it should be ensured that the shape of a column (which may be composed of multiple articles or only one article) should be rectangular or square. However, the layout of each article in this column can be staggered, but it can not make the layout of an article into an irregular polygon

● when composing pictures, first of all, pay attention to reasonably arrange the layout of pictures according to the number of pictures to be arranged in a certain page of the newspaper. For pictures that are not of the same content, they should be arranged symmetrically in the whole page (except for a group of column pictures with the same content), so that when readers see the newspaper, they feel that the layout of pictures is reasonable and refreshing

● be sure to compare the pictures with the original pictures when discharging them, and carefully observe whether the pictures discharged are consistent with the original, especially pay attention to whether the pictures with a production capacity of 300million ampere hours by the end of this year are reversed, so as to correct the errors caused by the negligence of the picture processing personnel in time; You should also pay attention to whether the content on the picture is too black or not, and feed it back to the image processing personnel for timely processing

● if the pictures to be arranged are irregular, because the pictures processed in Photoshop software are rectangular, necessary processing must be carried out during the typesetting of Feiteng software. First, draw an irregular box of the required size with the line drawing tool, then set the cutting path for the irregular box, select the irregular box and the arranged pictures, and press the required part of the picture in the irregular box, Using the general hydraulic universal testing machine, you can only stop manually to complete the loading "merge" command, and then you can complete the layout of irregular pictures

● when using the Feiteng typesetting software for the typesetting of some pictures, it may not be possible to typeset the pictures that need to be arranged. Sometimes, as long as the picture file is selected for typesetting, the computer will crash or the operation of the computer will be interrupted or the typesetting software will be closed. The reasons are as follows: ① the picture format is incorrect or the corresponding plug-ins are not installed when installing the Feiteng typesetting software, The image format accepted by Feiteng typesetting software during typesetting is preferably TIF or EPS format, and other formats may not be able to be discharged normally; If you want to drain into PS files, you must install the PS plug-in in Feiteng. ② The size of the picture file being queued is too large to be queued. In this case, you can appropriately reduce the size of the picture. You can open the file in Photoshop and use the zoom command in the image menu to reset the size of the picture in the pixel size combo box in the image size dialog box. It is best to be consistent with the size required by the newspaper layout

● when the founder typesetting system is used to typeset some irregular pictures, sometimes some words need to be arranged in the parts of the pictures that do not need to be highlighted (or some parts that are absolute) according to the layout needs. At this time, the picture should be turned over to the lower layer of the words, otherwise the picture will press the words, and the words occupying the position of the picture will not be output normally

● in order to ensure the quality of pictures during picture typesetting, for the pictures processed by different picture processing software, the picture format that can ensure high quality should be selected for typesetting. For example, for Photoshop images, it is better to select TIF format images for typesetting; The pictures processed with core LD raw software should preferably be typeset with pictures in EPS format

● in newspaper typesetting, it is sometimes necessary to press pictures on the shading. In order to avoid overlapping shading and pictures and affecting the effect of pictures, the attribute of the arranged pictures can be changed to replace, and then placed on the shading, the shading on the picture position will be replaced by the pictures, and the pictures will not be affected

● when the network system is operating, it should set up a picture library and file library with a unified path, and put the pictures and text files required to be typeset under a fixed path, so as to facilitate the confirmation of the source of the pictures and the input of the text

● during picture typesetting in the network system, in order to avoid the phenomenon that the discharged pictures will not be lost during output, resulting in the "open sunroof" of the output layout, it can be solved through the environment settings of Feiteng software. In the environment setting, there is an option setting dialog window of "include picture data". If the option of "include all pictures" in this window is selected, when the Feiteng typesetting software sends a typesetting, the PS files sent will contain all the picture files that can be seen in the layout during typesetting

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