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Tiger color, a printing giant, has entered the digital personalized printing industry. It will subvert the strong detection users.

for a long time, printing has been regarded as just a business need by the people. Although there are some printing related things in life, copying and printing are needed. However, Tiger color, the leader of China's printing industry, has made frequent moves in recent years, but it has suddenly expanded the connotation of the printing industry, and also made people have a new understanding of the printing industry

since 2013, Hucai, which was originally labeled as a leader in traditional high-end printing, has suddenly announced in a high profile that it has entered the new arena of personalized photocopying. In recent years, it has not only frequently purchased HP's top digital equipment and become the world's largest customer of HP's digital equipment, but also created many of the first domestic enterprises to purchase HP's latest HP indigo 10000 digital printing machine; Introduce the world's first intelligent binding linkage production line; HP indigo has the largest number of digital printing equipment in the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, the slogan of the enterprise has been modified, which claims to let printing enter thousands of households

what exactly is Tiger color doing? Is Tiger color entering the personalized printing market a subversion of quality or price? What is the logic of Tiger color's passion for personalized printing

the ambition of Tiger color the personalized market with a market value of 10 billion US dollars

personalized Photocopying sounds very fashionable. In fact, it has long been popular in Europe, America and other developed countries. In the United States, there is an e-commerce station called shutterfly, which specializes in providing photo services, providing users with services such as storing and sharing photos, developing photos, making personalized photo albums, greeting cards, calendars and various photo gifts. It was incorporated in 1999 and listed on NASDAQ in 2006. Its headquarters are located in Redwood City, california The market value is USD 1.94 billion. It has been established for 15 years and can maintain an annual growth of 25%-30%

the simplest calculation model is that the United States has a population of 200million, while China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion, seven times that of the United States. The future printing demand is about times that of the United States. The market value of shutterfly in the United States is about 2billion dollars, while China represents a market demand of nearly 10 billion dollars

with such a huge investment, Tiger color obviously wants to be China's shutterfly in the future, become the first person in the transformation of traditional printing, and occupy this market alone. Will Tiger color succeed

confidence comes from the Tiger color mode

although many companies have mainly applied to rubber, plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials, they have started to provide personalized photocopying services, such as easy printing pie, HP snap fish, my photo album, etc. However, traditional industries have entered the market to provide personalized photocopying services for consumers, which is the first case in China's personalized Photocopying market. Where does the confidence of Tiger color come from

according to the announcement, in 2013, Tiger color group made a strategic investment of tens of millions to set up Tiger color Photocopying in Guangzhou. Tiger color Photocopying will combine the group's production and supply advantages, and use patented technologies and other B2C e-commerce as a platform for strategic expansion to provide all-round personalized customization services for Chinese consumers. Tiger color group has provided strategic support for Tiger color photocopying. It is still a difficult resource to share production equipment, supply chain, patented technology and six major production bases across the country. How to closely imitate such a despicable working environment for friction and wear experiments is still a difficult resource. At present, the fund source of the project is mainly Tiger color group. In the later stage, Tiger color Photocopying will be used as the main body for bank financing or the introduction of industrial funds and strategic investors, including but not limited to in-depth capital cooperation, to achieve follow-up capital investment

the CEO of Tiger color Photocopying said: Tiger color Photocopying is committed to building a new personalized Photocopying system with platform +diy+ production, which is also different from competitors. Compared with its current competitors, Tiger color has four advantages and two subversions, namely, leading process level, leading supply chain, leading production equipment, multi regional logistics and subversive product cost performance and product specifications. Huzhongwang can provide a series of services from automobile shape design, material structure design, aluminum body production line design, simulation analysis, sample vehicle output, etc. color Photocopying will provide users with a good personalized Photocopying experience in the spirit of open sharing and extreme experience. With the concept of helping consumers to cherish good memories, Tiger color Photocopying provides users with full play personalized photocopying services to help users improve medium quality and fun

leading in process, supply chain, equipment and logistics

process Tiger color has 22 years of printing process experience, a national inspection and testing laboratory, a provincial enterprise technology center, a municipal engineering technology research center, as well as a number of national patent papers. It is an old professor in production

supply chain Hucai group is the leader of high-end printing in China. Its main business is to produce high-end tobacco and wine packaging. There are many suppliers to choose from in the printing process

production equipment Tiger color has frequently purchased HP's top digital equipment in the past two years, becoming the world's largest customer of HP's digital equipment. It has also created many firsts to purchase the first HP indigo 10000 digital printing machine of China's domestic enterprises; Introduce the world's first intelligent binding linkage production line; HP indigo has the largest number of digital printing equipment in the Asia Pacific region

logistics Tiger color has its own production bases in all major regions in China. If all production bases in the future are equipped with digital printing machines to realize online orders and offline production by zones according to the region of consumers, it will greatly improve the logistics time and enhance the user experience

compared with other personalized B2C industries in China, these four advantages have been established for less than 10 years. Which is higher or lower is clear at a glance

subversion of product cost performance and specifications

according to Tiger color photocopying, Tiger color Photocopying is preparing to build the latest standards for personalized Photocopying market products in the future. It will provide consumers with personalized Photocopying products with high quality, high price performance and good product specifications, so as to realize the group's strategy to let printing enter thousands of households. At the same time, it can also help consumers cherish good memories through high-quality products and services, Improve the quality of life and fun of consumers

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