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Advantage CTP system use skills and experience

this article, however, once the protective sleeve of the connecting line is damaged, it will increase a certain risk. At the 2006 national newspaper printing quality review meeting, Mr. Jin Jin, deputy director of the production and operation Department of the people's Liberation Army Daily, made a special speech on printing quality and management. The following article is about the skills and experience of printing plants in using Agfa: advantage CTP system. The CTP equipment needs to be refueled and vented on the CTP plate; 2 is the imaging of the buffer conditioning oil needle at the maximum opening position- Manage the imaging of the laser Imagesetter we use on weekdays- Similar in theory. The CTP version it uses is a negative CTP version. Just like the photosensitive film produced by the laser Imagesetter, the light value power directly affects the quality of the image and text part of the CTP version. Especially after the linearity of the CTP equipment's layout curve is determined, because the CTP equipment completely reproduces the points on the CTP plate according to the set curve, it is difficult to judge whether the light sensitivity of the image and text part on the CTP plate is sufficient with the naked eye. Therefore, at this time, if the light value intensity of CTP equipment is not enough, it is easier to give people an illusion. On the CTP plate made under this condition, the image intensity formed by the graphics and text part is not enough, and it is easy to fall off when printing on the machine, making the internal structure of the work pit relatively loose and passive

ctp plates produced by CTP equipment, it is difficult for us to use simple instruments to test whether the quality of image and text parts after imaging meets the standard. In other words, this phenomenon can be avoided only by selecting the correct light intensity. So how can we avoid the problem of insufficient sensitivity of CTP plate caused by low laser power and insufficient light intensity? Now we will introduce our practice to you for your discussion and exchange

first set a test level with a value of 50%, and fully expose the CTP plate. If the level value on the CTP plate is 62%, it indicates that the laser light value at this time is appropriate. If it is less than 62%, adjust the laser power (increase) until the level value on the CTP plate reaches 62%. After the light value is determined, 62% of the points are corrected by adjusting the linearity- To 50%. In this way, the optical value and linearity of CTP equipment basically meet the requirements

generally, the initial optimal technical value of CTP equipment is completed by the after-sales service personnel of the machine. As a general plate making technician, in the ordinary daily maintenance work, especially in the initial use stage of the new machine, because the technical indicators and characteristics of the machine itself are not perfect and comprehensive, this work should still be completed under the guidance and cooperation of the after-sales service technician of the machine

link: the PLA Daily printing plant is one of the most influential newspaper printing plants in China. In addition to the PLA Daily, it also undertakes to print China National Defense daily, China television news, Beijing times, Beijing Evening News, Yangcheng Evening News 1. the jaws were not properly clamped, as well as more than 80 newspapers and periodicals from the central government, national ministries and commissions, the military and local governments. In the two newspaper printing quality evaluations in 2006, the PLA Daily was rated as a high-quality newspaper

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