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Packaging instrument: corrugated board thickness measurement method

packaging instrument: corrugated board thickness measurement method

national standard of the people's Republic of China

gb/t 654.7 1998 corrugated board thickness measurement method

corrugated board determination of thickness

1 Scope

this standard specifies the measurement method of corrugated board thickness. These corrugated cardboard are used in the manufacture of packing cases or in packing cases

this standard is applicable to measuring the thickness of various types of corrugated cardboard

2 reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. When this standard is published, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest versions of the following standards

we can also choose the most suitable change experimental machine according to the following points: 1 Maximum torque: the maximum torque of the tested parts GB 450 89 paper and paperboard sample taking

GB 10739 89 standard atmosphere for pulp, paper and paperboard sample processing and testing

3 test principle

the distance measured between two parallel planes of the thickness gauge under the specified pressure

4 test instrument

the thickness gauge has a circular chassis and a cylindrical axial movable plane concentric with the chassis. The contact area between the chassis and the movable plane is (100.2) cm2, and the irregularity between the measuring planes should be within 1/1000 of the diameter of the circular chassis

the pressure exerted by the columnar active plane is (200.5) kPa. The instrument is accurate enough, and the measured data is accurate to 0.05mm

5 sampling, treatment and preparation

5.1 sampling shall be carried out according to GB 450

5.2 the sample shall be treated according to GB 10739

5.3 preparation of samples: select a corrugated board large enough to be tested, and cut a sample with an area of 500cm2 (200mm 250mm) to ensure the reading of the preparation work of 10 effective alliances. The fixture of the tensile testing machine itself is the data in charge of China synthetic resin Association before a locking mechanism. More than 2 samples shall not be cut from the same sample, and there shall be no damage or other irregularities on the samples. Unless the relevant parties agree, there shall be no traces of organic processing

6 test steps

test under the atmospheric conditions specified in Chapter 5, and each sample is measured twice at different points

place the sample horizontally between the two planes of the instrument, and the minimum distance between the edge of the sample and the edge of the circular chassis is not less than 50mm. During measurement, gently press the movable plane on the sample at the speed of 2 ~ 3mm/min to avoid any impact, and ensure that the test piece is parallel to the measuring plane of the thickness gauge. When the indication is stable, it should be read before the paperboard is pressed down. Do not press your hand on the instrument and test piece when reading. Repeat the above steps to test the remaining four samples

7 test report

test report includes the following contents:

a) the number of this standard

b) date and place of test

c) type and description of samples to be tested

d) atmospheric conditions of the test

e) report the average value of all measured values, in mm, accurate to 0.05mm

f) calculate its standard deviation (with 95% confidence)

g) analysis of measurement error

h) other descriptions related to the test results

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