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Packaging: a charm competition from the outside to the inside

today, with the increasingly serious homogenization of products, packaging has been endowed with more in-depth connotation from the simple effect of being used only for the transportation and protection of products to the present. According to statistics, 30% of the competitiveness of products comes from packaging, which is an important factor to improve product sales and create a brand. No matter how good the goods are, they may not be sold at a good price because their packaging is not suitable. According to DuPont's "DuPont law", 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging of goods

see the international fashion packaging return to the old scenery

lv, Gucci and Dior, the three world's top brands, travel through the time and space tunnel to return to the past, looking for the packaging inspiration to continue the "myth"

the latest brochure of LV in your hand is full of the mystery of the intersection of ancient and modern times. Whether on a ship crossing the Spanish Strait in 1912, on a train that left Zurich in 1956 and had to turn off the power supply of its equipment first, or in Paris in October 2006, when the model coming out of the black car opened Lv to find cosmetics and began to repair makeup, LV was everywhere, and they all showed the penetration of the brand, LV is quietly blooming in all corners of the world. The LV clerk in Xi'an showed him a rectangular kraft paper bag, which seemed to touch the bark, and his fingers made a "rustle" sound, pure brown. The bottom was printed in French: "Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris, France, 1854", like the natural material used to hold bread on the streets of Paris in the middle ages. It tells us that this is the packaging of the latest LV handbag

in the Gucci franchise store in Xi'an, the classic logo composed of five letters, the large dark brown shelves, and the gift packaging boxes stacked on the ground are scattered. In the sun, it exudes the calm and pride since the brand was founded in 1906; The classic rivets on the leather bag still retain the style of the early last century, which seems to remind people of the situation when a group of Italians were polishing and sewing harnesses and saddles for riders in low houses, The atmosphere is silent and low-key. Tom kneath, director of sales and marketing of tri Mack, said, "aircraft manufacturers are facing a huge accumulation.

the inspiration of dior2007 spring makeup limited edition star product" Flying Magic Box "comes from Dior flight series handbags, which were popular in spring and summer 2006. The texture of this series of handbags is washed out, and the denim printed with Dior logo is itself the embodiment of the retro trend

analysis of luxury outer packaging stimulates consumption desire

Mr. Yao Jiangang, general manager of Xi'an Meimei department store, loves the packaging of "Hermes" most. The subtle and intimate design everywhere reflects full respect for customers and its brand culture. He believes that there are three types of target customers of luxury goods: first, they have sufficient purchasing power and can spend for a long time; Second, it has certain purchasing power and belongs to irregular experience type; Third, although their purchasing power is weak, they have an outspoken personality and meet their inner needs by purchasing luxury goods

the packaging of luxury goods allows the first group of people to continuously enjoy a high-grade luxury beauty from inside to outside; The second group of people have a timetable for purchasing luxury goods, and the outer packaging can visually and psychologically promote their dependence and habit of purchasing, and then implement their purchase desire; The third group of people are potential consumers of luxury goods. Their unique consumption psychology makes it easy for them to have a visual preference for the outer packaging of products. At the same time, the significant outer packaging of luxury goods can often gain others' recognition of their taste. Based on the above reasons, packaging as an important added value of products, the capital investment in sales should account for more than 30% of the total investment

I interviewed several consumers randomly in a luxury goods store. They basically belong to the second class of consumers in the eyes of my husband, with a monthly salary of more than 5000 yuan. They regard the purchase of luxury goods as a reward for hard work. They usually buy them every few months. You can add a shim under the bottom plate to revise them. The consumption is very planned. Referring to the packaging of luxury goods, Cindy, who has bought LV leather bags, said that he has bought leather bags for more than a year, but the exquisite brown leather rope wrapped on the packaging box has never been willing to throw away; Mr. Zhang has a special liking for CK: "look at the advertising words of others: between me and CK, there is nothing, just this pure feeling."

the "time-honored brand" of the bank stresses that packaging can be reborn.

Mr. Xi Jiajun, a brand architect, has been committed to the promotion of the "China Time-honored Brand". He believes that brand packaging is not only the appearance decoration, but also the improvement of a business model. Therefore, in addition to keeping up with the times and launching new products to meet the needs of the market, the key for century old stores like Rui Xiang and Fang Liansheng is to fundamentally change the traditional and inherent business model to create a new business atmosphere. Mr. Xi's job is to re integrate the resources of China's time-honored brands currently contacted, and use animation and three-dimensional logo to display the brand image on the Internet, which not only reduces the cost, but also most conveniently gets more people's more comprehensive attention to its brand

in the process of packaging, some domestic brands are full of vitality, while others are lost. The "Seagull" shampoo commonly used in childhood is missing; The pattern iron box design of "a thousand colors" with face oil disappeared, but in the black powder puff design of international brand Anna Su with a red bow, we found the oriental charm that should belong to "a thousand colors". They especially bring convenience to "use cheap materials in the middle tier". In this regard, yaojiangang, general manager of Meimei department store, believes that the reason why these excellent domestic brands lost the market in the competition is not the problem of quality, but the lack of sustainability in the sales link as always. In terms of packaging, the first is the lack of sufficient market research and financial support for brand packaging in the early stage; Secondly, it does not give consumers a recognition and enjoyment of brand sustainability. The packaging of "time-honored brands" can't stay on the first page forever like the old wall calendar that can't be turned over in my hometown. Without improving the packaging concept, even with the most advanced scientific and technological means, the effect will not be obvious

analyzing the reasons for the failure of the above domestic brands, Xi Jiajun said that "time-honored brands" should fully learn from the experience of LV, GUC Ci, Dior and other brands, and on the premise of abiding by the modern packaging concept, let those elements that can reflect the essence of the product and represent the external characteristics of the brand be preserved and sublimated to the greatest extent in the process of re structuring the brand, so as to inherit classics and re lead the fashion trend. This is the key step for "time-honored brands" to gain a new life

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