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Packaging innovation technology in the future trend creative personalized packaging is popular

the continuous changes in consumer habits have prompted advanced technology to provide sufficient conditions for packaging enterprises to maintain innovation. So, where will packaging innovation technology go in the future

Smithers, a well-known research institution in the global printing and packaging industry. Pino has conducted a series of practical investigations on manufacturers, suppliers and brands in the packaging industry, and summed up five innovation trends that are most likely to attract consumers in the future

the traditional style has regained vitality

2012 London Olympic Games, the displacement value converted into the movable beam by the controller, Prince William and Kate of England. Meade's wedding ceremony, the coronation of the Queen's crown, and the above events have made the whole world feel the patriotism and pride of the British people. Subsequently, the British packaging industry has also undergone corresponding changes. The outer packaging design of goods pays more attention to reflect the traditional style and nostalgic design concept, because the old brand can better reflect the sense of maturity and stability of the UK

ancient style commodity packaging not only plays an important role in the trend, but also conveys a sense of reliability. Based on this, many brands and goods can more easily get the attention of consumers, because they know that they can be trusted by the public, and packaging happens to convey this key message

personalized packaging began to prevail

at present, digital printing and packaging technology is more and more recognized by the market, and short version prints emerge in endlessly. Personalized packaging prints have become one of the effective tools for brand business to attract customers. Coca Cola, a world-famous beverage enterprise, has put it into practical application, expanded its market share by printing personalized labels for different packaging bottles, improved its brand influence, and won high recognition in the market. It should be emphasized that Coca Cola is only the beginning. Now many brands in the market have begun to provide personalized packaging for consumers. For example, for absolute vodka, 4million unique personalized designs are selected for wine labels, making it a favorite of consumers

brand suppliers began to enhance enterprise influence through networking and social media. Consumers have a deeper understanding of the word private customization than before. For example, Heinz ketchup, which is especially popular on Facebook in the United States, is very popular because you can give it as a gift to your friends and lovers. At the same time, the progress of technology makes the commodity creativity richer and the cost cheaper. The rise of personalized packaging well reflects the vitality of the packaging industry

sub packaging is emphasized

in order to succeed in the market, brands need to understand the potential needs of consumers. For example, convenient packaging is suitable for consumers on the road, because they have no time to open large and complex packaging boxes. New and convenient packaging, such as soft flat packaging, can extrude jam and distribute it to different people, which is a very successful case

simple packaging can also be included in the list of cute packaging, which focuses on the simple opening method. In addition, commodity packaging can also help consumers distinguish specific quantities without knowing how much they use, which makes commodity packaging look more cute

creative packaging is popular

for brands, the ultimate goal of a good packaging is to win the attention of consumers in the supermarket shelves at the first time, and encourage them to finally buy, that is, the so-called love at first sight. In order to achieve this goal, brands must convey the uniqueness of products when advertising. Budweiser beer has been very successful in product packaging. The latest beer packaging adopts a bow tie shape to attract attention. The champagne launched by Chateau taitingzhe in France is also packaged in bottles of different colors, which is finally very popular in the market

at present, more than 60% of residents in the country can recycle other plastic bags and plastic flexible packaging through special municipal recycling project pilot sites. However, it seems to be lower than before. The reason why products can be different is that they convey the concept of what you see is what you get. Similarly, some liquor brands choose to use old-fashioned design concepts to send reliable signals to consumers. Loyalty, simplicity and cleanliness are all important messages that brands want to convey to customers

in addition, consumers are also very concerned about environmental protection, so brands also need to reflect the environmental protection of goods on their packaging. The host of the universal experimental machine adopts imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation system, ball screw brown material, neat packaging and simple design fonts, which can remind consumers of environmental protection

technology is constantly improving

now, technological innovation has generated a huge driving force in the packaging industry. Heinz group and qianggong beer company strive to deliver positive energy to consumers on the outer packaging of products, showing a soft light when opening the packaging, etc

although the current packaging industry is trying to adopt new technologies, there will still be unrealistic things. For example, it is difficult to distinguish the packages of goods sold in stores. It is always difficult for couriers to distinguish the differences between packages when delivering goods. If the brand can distinguish the packaging of goods sold from that of other e-commerce, the result will be very different

how should we apply these innovative technologies to specific packaging? Nostalgia will always exist. Natural and concise design and packaging rich in green and environmental protection concepts will always win consumers' affirmation, and functional packaging will also surprise consumers

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