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The packaging industry needs to pay attention to the new regulations on food packaging in Europe and the United States

recently, after Canada and the United States announced that the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in food packaging and contact materials was prohibited, members of the French parliament also jointly proposed a bill to prohibit the use of BPA in food packaging and contact materials. European and American countries have introduced new regulations on food packaging and contact materials. Our export enterprises and relevant departments should pay close attention to them and prepare for them as soon as possible

bisphenol A is an important organic chemical raw material, which is mainly used in the production of polycarbonate, epoxy resin, polysulfone resin and other polymer materials. Research shows that high-speed impact usually takes a small mass projectile to impact the material at a higher speed. Now, bisphenol A may lead to a variety of human hearts, livers, etc. ● standard fixed mold aperture: φ 27 ± 0.05mm diseases, especially bisphenol a released from baby bottles and other containers, may lead to abnormal hormone secretion and brain development disorders in infants

in order to guide enterprises to effectively respond to the new regulations, the inspection and quarantine department should first continue to increase the research on whether there are new detection methods in the future for the graphene industry of food packaging and contact materials, widely collect foreign new technical regulations and standard requirements, track the new changes of foreign relevant laws and regulations, and establish an effective risk early warning mechanism; Second, we should strengthen the publicity of export enterprises, guide enterprises to strengthen the control of raw and auxiliary materials and production process, strengthen the management of production sources, and constantly improve the level of product quality and safety; Third, we should further strengthen the inspection and supervision, strengthen the safety and health control of raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products, finished products and production processes of export enterprises, strengthen the risk analysis of different varieties of export food packaging and contact materials according to the requirements of the technical regulations of the importing countries, highlight the key varieties and items of sampling inspection, and provide technical guarantee for the safety of export food

at the same time, it is suggested that relevant export enterprises: first, pay close attention to the new changes of food packaging technical regulations in various countries, and timely understand their implementation time, specific content and coverage; Second, establish the concept of quality first, strengthen the awareness of quality people, know, understand and use standards, and constantly improve the level of quality management; Third, strengthen the source management of production, prohibit the addition of bisphenol A in raw and auxiliary materials, and ensure that food packaging and contact materials meet the standards of importing countries

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