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China's packaging industry is currently facing opportunities and challenges

recently, experts from the China Packaging Federation pointed out that in 2004, China's consumption of packaging products and packaging machinery surpassed Japan for the first time, ranking second in the world. With this as a sign, China has become an undisputed packaging power. Experts predict that China's status as a major packaging country will be further consolidated this year, and is rapidly moving towards the grand goal of becoming a powerful packaging country proposed by the former "Sixth National Congress" of the China Packaging Technology Association

since 1985, the consumption of packaging and packaging products in China has increased at an average rate of 12% per year, much higher than the growth rate of GDP. In 2003, China's packaging products reached 36million tons, and the imported packaging equipment and equipment exceeded 1.2 billion US dollars in 2004. In recent years, the state has continuously increased its investment in the packaging industry. In the first three years of 2002, 9 billion yuan, 10.5 billion yuan and 7.04 billion yuan of China's additional treasury bonds were used for technological transformation, of which the packaging and related industries were identified as one of the "six and a half landmark goals" and received key support. At present, 21 national technological transformation projects have been implemented in the packaging paper industry, with a total investment of 14 billion yuan, including 3 loans and installation accuracy difference of 8.2 billion yuan. The benefits of these key enterprises' technological transformation projects have begun to appear, thus significantly enhancing the competitiveness of these enterprises in the domestic and international markets. In recent years, the Pearl River Delta packaging base, the Yangtze River Delta packaging base, the Bohai Bay Packaging and printing base and the Western packaging belt have been successively established and constructed, which has made the regional economic development momentum of China's packaging market stronger. Relevant state departments have proposed that by 2010, China will strive to build an important packaging and printing industrial base in the world, and the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Rim region will be the three major areas of China's packaging industry. At present, the total output value of China's packaging industry has reached 320billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 14%, which fully shows that China's packaging industry continues to maintain a good development trend and prospects

in the process of transforming to large industry, the internationalization of the domestic market has become the main feature of the development of China's packaging industry. At present, China's packaging industry is at the peak of the influx of foreign capital. A large number of foreign-funded projects began to start after packaging and related industries were listed in the encouraged investment category in the new foreign investment guidance catalogue and the central government delegated project approval rights. After these projects are completed and put into operation, the products will not only meet the domestic market demand, but also be exported to Asia and even other countries in the world. Last year, Smithfield stone, the world's largest producer and supplier of industrial paper and paper packaging products, officially settled in Xiamen, investing US $12.5 million in the construction of its plant in Xiamen. Amcor Corporation of Australia, the world's largest pet container manufacturer and one of the largest tobacco packaging manufacturers, announced the acquisition of 16.67% of Weicheng Group Holdings Co., Ltd. for a $34million to expand its tobacco packaging business in China. Flink ink (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the world's second largest ink manufacturer and supplier, has officially opened its factory, a project f built in Beijing with an investment of nearly US $7million. Japan relief printing Co., Ltd., one of the world's fortune 500 and the world's packaging giant, has invested heavily in China. Shanghai relief printing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai relief printing Co., Ltd., with an initial investment of US $30million, have started production in the eastern New Area of Songjiang Industrial Zone. This is a foreign-funded packaging enterprise with the largest investment scale and the most advanced technology in China so far. The world's second largest aseptic paper packaging company, Swiss sig group kangmeibao company, opened its first production plant in China in Suzhou Industrial Park, with a total investment of US $90million. Eli (Qingdao) packaging system products Co., Ltd., invested and established by American Eli Denison company, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, has settled in Qingdao Development Zone, mainly producing self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive and various labels. This is the fourth production-oriented enterprise established by the company in China. Of course, there are far more examples of foreign capital competing in China's packaging market, including packaging, printing, equipment, software development, packaging and printing materials, as well as international cooperation in packaging education. Some people have made rough statistics. Last year alone, on average, every three days, we could hear a large market action of a foreign enterprise in China, and the pattern was renovated, and the form was far from limited to the former joint venture Projects such as cooperation and office building. The huge amount is amazing. The action of more than ten million and hundreds of millions of dollars is not uncommon. Huge financial support, mature market and management experience not only enable it to harvest quickly in China's market, but also provide a rare opportunity for the development and improvement of China's packaging industry

with the gradual integration of China's packaging market with the international packaging market, China's packaging enterprises will directly face the competition with foreign enterprises, and the challenges they face are also huge. Experts pointed out that, first of all, traditional material packaging will be impacted. With the progress of science and technology, the environmental protection requirements of packaging products are becoming higher and higher, and non environmental protection materials and high energy consumption materials will be phased out. Therefore, all kinds of packaging products are facing the severe challenges of natural environmental protection requirements. At the same time, the continuous development of advanced material technology in the international packaging market will continue to put forward new topics for domestic packaging enterprises. Secondly, packaging innovation will become a new profit point, and independent innovative packaging and personalized packaging that highlights customer characteristics are exactly the weaknesses of a considerable number of packaging enterprises in China at present. In electronic product packaging, makeup 1 The pulley on the toothed rod and its track will face fierce competition with foreign businesses in three areas: excessive dust, personalized packaging of rusted products and innovative packaging of food safety. It is a new topic to abandon the traditional processing and packaging methods and seek new packaging service methods. Thirdly, the packaging machinery and equipment system 3 is to completely change the matrix material manufacturing industry, and the situation is not optimistic in developing the international market. According to the PMMI statistical report of the United States packaging machinery manufacturing Committee, China's packaging machinery consumption last year was $4billion, becoming the second largest country after the United States. This shows that the manufacturing of packaging equipment has a good domestic market demand and occupies a major position in the global packaging machinery market. Domestic packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing represented by Shanghai Yinbao group, Hubei Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhongshan Songde Co., Ltd. has risen rapidly. In particular, there are more than 200 packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers and spare parts processors in Rui'an City, Zhejiang Province, which has formed a complete upstream, middle and downstream industry and production chain to prevent samples from being impacted twice, forming a strong production capacity and market competitiveness. However, compared with their international counterparts, these leading enterprises still have deficiencies and gaps in product technology and market sales. Great efforts must be made to maintain a strong export trend

opportunities cannot be lost lightly, and challenges must be faced

The successful holding of the global wealth forum has made China the most attractive investment destination in the world, strengthened the confidence of foreign investment, and will also make China's marketization more open and expanded

"the scenery is unique here". Under such a situation, the development vitality of China's packaging industry will be further developed and sublimated, and the overall level of the packaging industry will reach a new level. (Wang Yuewei)

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