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Research on the application of establishing enterprise internet/intranet in packaging industry (I)

packaging industry as an industry, people's understanding of it has undergone profound changes. Packaging is no longer just a commodity logo and plays a role in protecting commodities, but also represents the corporate image and corporate culture. In a sense, the development level of a country's packaging industry is an important symbol to measure its industrialization and the development level of the key committee of the social development and Reform Commission. With the continuous improvement of the market-oriented level of China's economy and the integration with the world in a broader field, especially facing the accession to the WTO, these have not only brought good development opportunities to the packaging industry, but also made the packaging industry face severe challenges. With the rapid development and increasing popularity of Internet technology, accelerating the breaking and restructuring of the existing international economic order and structure, the packaging industry is also inevitably under the pressure of competition in the new economic environment. Therefore, using and relying on Internet/Intranet technology is an important way for the packaging industry to obtain and process market information as soon as possible and improve the level of enterprise management

how the packaging industry uses Internet technology to improve its innovation ability and management level, so as to promote the production and business activities of enterprises; Improve enterprise efficiency; Adapting to the requirements of market competition is an urgent problem to be solved. By analyzing the current situation of the packaging industry and the extensive fields developed by Internet/Intranet, this paper expounds the necessity and urgency of establishing internet/Intranet in the packaging industry, analyzes the selection method of Internet/Intranet construction scheme, and further discusses the composition of Internet/Intranet in the packaging industry through an example. l. Analysis of the current situation of enterprise information processing in the packaging industry

with the development of market economy, the market environment of both sales packaging, transportation packaging, means of living packaging and means of production packaging is constantly changing and unpredictable. All kinds of packaging products and packages are ideal testing equipment for quality inspection departments. Packaging materials are characterized by multiple varieties, renewal, short design and production cycle. However, the author believes that most packaging enterprises in China can not adapt to the changes in this market, and their current situation is as follows:

(1) closed. Due to the limitation of production area, packaging enterprises lack due information exchange within and between enterprises, and their ability to obtain, analyze and process information is weak

(2) narrow information surface. Because there is no inter of the enterprise, I hope to help you further understand this equipment net/intranet, and I can't timely learn the latest developments in the packaging industry at home and abroad, such as the latest packaging design, packaging materials, packaging machinery, etc., so I can't timely predict and analyze the market

(3) poor market adaptability. Unable to make good use of the information provided by the computer network to develop and design product packaging, the product design and development level is low and the cycle is long, which is difficult to meet the rapidly changing market needs

(4) backward information processing means. Some enterprises still stay in the traditional MIS (Management Information System) + local mode, some still stay at the single machine level, and even some enterprises do not use computers at all. 2. The functions and characteristics of Intranet/Internet

as a global international interconnection, the importance of Internet is self-evident. In particular, www provides a complete and fast solution to find other network resources and tools in the form of a full graphical connection. It has become an excellent solution for enterprises to release information and obtain necessary information

intranet is a new enterprise network combining traditional enterprise local area network and Internet technology. It is an infrastructure of internal information management and internal information exchange based on Internet technology. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1) although intranet is still a local area within the enterprise (or a wide area connected by multiple local areas), the application mode is changed from the traditional local client/server (C/s) mode to the browser/server (B/s) mode. Therefore, enterprise users can obtain information from the web server through an intuitive and easy-to-use browser

(2) the way of information exchange on Intranet is fundamentally different from traditional MIS. Its Web technology releases information in the form of hypertext and multimedia, and can organically combine text, image, sound and animation. All users can see these information immediately through the browser, and truly realize the timely, convenient and fast release of information

(3) the information in Intranet is mainly the internal information of the enterprise, and most of the business content of the enterprise is stored in the database server of the enterprise. Therefore, intranet can reflect the content of enterprise database and the service content of all kinds of enterprise information in real time, dynamically and interactively

(4) intranet is based on TCP/IP protocol, which can span almost all current system platforms. Any user's computer platform can access the content in the enterprise web server as long as the browser is installed

(5) the service scope of Intranet is mainly for computer users in enterprises, while the Internet is for computer users all over the world. Therefore, the Intranet has strict permission control over access users, and unauthorized external users cannot enter the intranet to obtain other internal resources of the enterprise. Therefore, intranet firewall technology can effectively ensure the security of enterprise internal information

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