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Printing merchants in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong hope to build a printing Museum

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong is undergoing reconstruction in the region, and some people hope to build an additional printing industry development Museum in the region after reconstruction. Mr. Li Zeyu, who has been engaged in the printing industry for more than 30 years within the scope of the reconstruction project, witnessed the rise and fall of the printing industry in the area, pointing out that the reconstruction and development in the area has only heard the sound of stairs for many years, so he never ventured to invest. Some residents in the district said that they were not opposed to the reconstruction and development of the city, but when deciding to retain those historical buildings, they should consider the style and coordination of reconstruction. Li Zeyu, who has set up printing business in Wing Lee Street, Sheung Wan for 30 years, pointed out that in the past, there were more than 100 printing princesses around Wing Lee Street and Chuan street, Sheung Wan. They should have the following points: Si, but now one hand can count! He said that it has been six years since the former LDC and the shops proposed reconstruction, and five years since the Urban Construction Bureau discussed it. They have been discussing it for many years, which has made them uneasy to purchase new instruments to regularly check the transmission of sprocket wheels. It is more difficult to estimate the loss of business. He hopes that after reconstruction in the future, a printing industry development museum can be built in the district

residents worry about the disharmony between the old and new buildings

Mr. Bai, who has lived in Tang building, Wing Lee Street, Sheung Wan for more than 10 years, has been engaged in advertising design. He has also heard about the reconstruction plan for many years, but it has never been implemented. He said that the URA had never explained the reasons for which buildings it said it would retain and which buildings it would demolish. How was it selected to retain the three Tang buildings on Wing Lee Street? He was worried about whether the reconstructed buildings would be inconsistent with the "activated" buildings, or there would be disharmony, so he believed that the URA should make more explanations to let residents understand the overall development plan

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